Chip Esten in Nashville

Chip Esten Shirtless in Nashville

It is my duty not only to post mah husbands on this site, but other people’s husbands too. These shirtless caps of Chip Esten are from the first couple episodes of “Nashville” and requested by reader Jad. If you have the hots for Chip in “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, then Christmas should come early. Well, if Chip is Jad’s “husband” then the title is on a very dangerous ground as handsome and furry comedians are my total weakness.

Chip Esten Shirtless in Nashville

Chip Esten in Nashville

Chip Esten Shirtless in Nashville

Chip Esten Shirtless in Nashville

Chip Esten in Nashville

  • Carlos

    For a minute there I thought I was the only one that found him attractive. He is indeed, a good looking man.

  • Tom

    Wow, he is HOT. Tssssss!

  • DoverDavid

    Sometimes a little dusting of fur can be sexy.

  • michael

    looks like a tough old hyde. needs moisturizer.

  • jad

    Thank you Sir for fulfilling my request.
    When I first saw the facial hair a few minutes ago
    I though I was going to pass out. Don’t know what it
    is but he just “does” it for me. Just sooo rugged. A
    total mans man.

  • bo_s

    gorgeous man

  • AriesMatt

    He is handsome and also would be perfectly cast as an older sibling of Matt Bomer. They look a lot alike to me.

  • Jay in Crappy Michigan

    Greg Kinnear’s younger brother perhaps ?

  • Phil

    Um Square-I think it’s Chip Essen, not Chip EsTen…I’ve been a fan of his for a long time…Ever since he and Wayne Brady, were on that ‘improv’ show hosted by Drew Carey(sorry I just can’t think of the name of it)…Along with Ryan Styles, and Greg Probst…His main talent was to ‘improv’ musical styles…I loved when he came on because I ‘knew’ there’d be a like 50’s/60’s musical number in the mix…That being said I wish somebody had made him ‘naked’-he’s a really HOT man…

  • Phil

    And the fact that he’s just a bit ‘furry’ is so cool…

  • Phil

    I would SO do him…

  • He may not be ‘his built’ but DAMN if I don’t like his body….

  • Bob

    No. It’s Esten. Always had it for him. Would always watch reruns of Who’s Line is it…… but lost interest quickly if he was not on. What a smile, and funny is sexy too..

  • pickle

    Good-looking, but he has terrible skin. SPF and moisturizer stat.

  • scott

    i say YES, the face, the body and the whole rugged package. a nice touch of fur on the pecs and did i say NICE CHEST? merci beaucoup Mr Squarebiz

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