Happy Whoriday from David Beckham!

I know for a fact that the reigning manwhore of England David Beckham doesn’t do a lot to many people anymore because of constant overwhoring, but let’s face it – if this piece shows up on your doorstep on a freezing, lonely winter night you’ll basically going to EAT HIM UP WHOLE. Don’t even bother to put gravy on it because it will come out naturally. Here’s his latest exploit for H&M holiday campaign selling more overpriced underwear you don’t really need.

David Beckham for H&M Holiday Campaign 2012

David Beckham for H&M Holiday Campaign 2012

  • Mark

    A true whore at heart!He won’t give up until his balls down to his knee!Come on enough already!

  • Arthur

    He is begining to look his age!

  • DoverDavid

    Totally does nothing for me. Always looks like he needs a shower.

    • lena jones

      No one does anything for you apparently, all comments on every post are negative… Makes me wonder what you look like and what your self esteem is like…

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    He used to be beautiful. Now he’s just smarmy.

  • Tom

    Not to mention all the photos are retouched which makes him even more unappealing.

  • anon

    Avsgsgehuuheshcirdirhx sooo hot if you look closely he has some chest hair
    I would get in his pants anyday edbrudh too hot for words

  • tryagainagain

    So, inquiring minds needs to know, does he shave/trim his chest hair? Or is it that light? Because if he has the potential to grow out his chest hair – and if he did, in fact, grow it out – I think I would die.

  • Basil

    Victoria’s a great teacher. Look at that Blue Thunder!

  • Bob

    So many guys are too critical. You only wish you looked half as good at any age. I agree about too much ink. Look past that and he is a great looking, family man with a charming personality. NO ONE would turn him down. (A fact)

  • Adminbear

    Shit! I’d go to bed with him!!

  • GB13

    His hair makes it look like his moustache is supposed to be ironic.

  • I think he went one or two tattoos too far. He works so hard at that body, why mark it up with graffiti?

  • Nick

    He doesn’t look bad at all, I’m just over him at this point. He’s really become to much of a good thing.

  • Totally ruined his body with all the tarts. Looks better in clothes, much.

  • Tatts. Sorry.

  • lena jones

    The thing I find funny about Beckham is that he never managed to develop his pecs… Strange..

  • lena jones

    H&M and overpriced should never go in the same sentence

  • Ruperbare

    OMG, who cares what he looks like??????

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