Just When You Think You’ve Had Enough Tom Daley…

Tom Daley Shirtless for BBC Children in Need 2012

Here’s the video of Tom performing the Daley ‘the Daley ghetto slut drop’ for BBC Children in Need 2012. Yes, this is more like Adults in Need, but we all know the boywhore of England never disappoint in the skin department and he absolutely loves it. A true attention seeking whore! Skip to 1:53 if you’re pressed for time or simply not interested in other athletes (why should you?).

Tom Daley Shirtless for BBC Children in Need 2012

Tom Daley Shirtless for BBC Children in Need 2012

Tom Daley Shirtless for BBC Children in Need 2012

Tom Daley Shirtless for BBC Children in Need 2012

  • Io

    He does nothing for me. He has never done anything for me. I am tired of his face. -sigh-

  • Matt

    So NOT attractive this guy. Not at all. Will he ever go away? I hope so. Just creepy weird looking all around.

  • Downsouthbear

    All I can say is Ewwwww. Enough with the Twinkies, give me cake, beefcake that is.

  • adminbear

    Each to his own, but I’ve found him to be a most attractive young man since we first saw him on the diving platform at the Olympics. Any time this forum wants to put up a presentation of him for us, I’ll be MORE than happy to sit here and, ahem, enjoy it.

  • len

    I can never get enough of Tom Daley. He is just GORGEOUS. Sorry if the old geezers on this channel like Grizzly Adams, but bears look best in a forest!

  • cutler

    LOVE HIM!!

  • dizz

    i think tom is cute–i dont understand why some posters here go to the effort of writting a comment just to say he doesnt do anything for them. Do you think any of uscare?

  • scott

    ian i’m so glad you are tom the twink’s biggest fan. i’m not into boys, never have been. and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be an old geezer someday – unless you discover the fountain of youth or have yourself cryogenically stored until one is discovered. if that’s not an option, then like the who says in the song My Generation: “hope i die before i get old” – sounds like that was written just for you

  • Eric26

    Twinks are gross! Grow a beard! Eat a sandwich!

    Ew, bears! Use a razor! Put down the sandwich!


    Not content to support his community, the wild Gay seeks ways to divide and label his people, lest he forget, for one moment, who is “totally gross, you guys”.

  • Arthur

    He is cute in the kid sort of way.

  • Okcspooge

    I want to do his laundry and have his baby.

    I think his handlers have almost over exposed their client, mainly because he does a lot of lame appearances. Still, I never get tired of looking at Tom Daley.

    Who let the mean girls out this morning. FFS, if you don’t like Daley, why go to all the bother of logging in to leave a shitty comment for another poster. We all have different interests and likes. I must bear this cross: I fancy the cute twinks. I appreciate every Tom Daley post.

  • eagander

    I’ll take the four guys doing “Put a Ring on It”! HOT!

  • szoszo

    i kinda had enough tom daley for a lifetime… :/

    • Whoever is advising him to be everywhere on everything is doing him a massive disservice as he’s becoming rather tiresome and having met him a couple of times he’s turning into a right prat (or more of one than he was before). Now Daley’s teammate Chris Mears….happy thoughts.

  • looneyman

    I happily look forward to any and all posts on Mr. Daley. Discovered him during the Olympics and I thank you Square for continuing to post him. 😀

  • MT

    I am SO over this kid……especially when he tries so hard. NEXT!

  • len

    i am so over hairy old coots that Bears go apeshit over. Is this an official Grizzly Bear channel?

  • Mallory

    He’s overexposed and does little for me. Good for him getting a medal at the Olympics and stuff but, next.

  • tim

    Some guys don’t think that their day is complete until they post something negative. We know that some of you don’t like Tom Daley. We get it. Let those of us who do like him enjoy his pics.

  • Bob

    He’s cute, he’s got a chance to make money (now), and some of us like looking at him. Who of all the haters wouldn’t do the same if they had the opportunity?

  • Me_Not_You

    @Dizz -@Okcspooge – so in other words you’re saying that unless someone agrees with you and your line of thinking, then they nor their thoughts or comments are valid? Pretty much speaks volumes about you as a person then, I’d say. So on this side of the fence – we don’t care what you think. You’re less than less.

  • Me_Not_You

    And for the rest of the haters – nowhere does it state that you must like the person Square puts up, nor does it say you can’t express your dislike of the person Square puts up. So, until he changes the rules, piss off.

    Those of us who don’t particular care for one or any of the men on the site, can absolutely speak our mind if we choose. It’s not an exclusive “ONLY POST HAPPY THOUGHTS ABOUT RAINBOWS AND KITTENS!” comment section.

    Sure, if someone is being downright nasty and saying really rude, ugly things in their post or attacking outright, then a rebuttal or removal would be in order. But to just jump the people who are saying they don’t think Tom Daley is attractive or cute or whatever those on the other side think he IS, and then to call them out for it, pretty much seems to be rather hypocritical. Think about it.

  • Bob

    Momma said it best ‘if you don’t have anything good to say, shut the f/=-x up!!!’

  • J

    Really not my type usually but I can appreciate a pretty twink. Something about him specifically turns me off. I can’t seem to put my finger on just what it is.

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