Oh Hai There, Sébastien Huberdeau

Let’s make our way up north for some proper untrimmed hotness courtesy of what promised to be an instant classic favorite, Canadian actor Sébastien Huberdeau from the film “Tromper le Silence”. Getting the actual film is almost impossible elsewhere, but thank the shirtless gods that we have someone amazing like Andrea who never fails to discover and share gems like this. This post is kind of NSFW without any nudity as Monsieur Huberdeau covered his modesty with the luckiest roll of toilet paper on earth so be warned.

Sebastien Huberdeau Shirtless in Tromper le Silence

Sebastien Huberdeau Shirtless in Tromper le Silence

Sebastien Huberdeau Shirtless in Tromper le Silence

  • David

    What will Heaven be for me??? Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Sébastien Huberdeau in a 3-way….with them on each side and me in the middle….WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!! 🙂

  • I’m pleased you liked my suggestion!

    @David: It would be a great Heaven, for sure!

  • Bucky

    After several moments of bliss staring at his furry hotness, I suddenly realized we can’t see his cock on this end of the TP roll. TP rolls are about 4.5 inches wide ( I measured ). And they are implying that he is obviously erect. So we must deduce that his cock is under 3.5 inches. OUCH.

    His contract should have insisted on a roll of paper towels.

  • Boris

    Ah! Canadian men, especially FRENCH-Canadian men can be so desirable! (Did I ever mentioned that I am French-Canadian? Well, I am French-Canadian) And I did met this wonderful piece of manhood once in my life! (He was fully clothed, alas)

    @ Bucky: have you considered that he might be a grower rather then a shower?!?!

  • Bucky

    @Boris: I did figure that into my equation, but then realized that if he is a grower, then the TP would not be standing straight out. In fact it probably wouldn’t be on his dick at all. Because being a grower would mean that he isn’t erect. In reality his cock is not in the tube. They have used some movie magic voodoo to pull off the gag. But in the context of the movie, it only takes a moment’s reflection before you pause and think, ohhh, how sad for him.

  • MT

    Funny pics, but not pretty.

  • Mark

    He reminds me of the senior I lusted after back in high school. Still love the type.

    (And, to amplify Bucky’s point, the toilet paper prop doesn’t say much for Huberdeau’s supposed girth, either.)

  • len


  • Mark

    P.S. There’s still one DVD copy available from Amazon.ca (I bought the penultimate one).

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Bucky, He is soft not erect, but his cock is SOOO thick that it fills the hole of the TP roll and holds it in place. He’s just showing off the thickness of his non-erect cock. When he gets that thing hard, it is 8″ around and 10″ long. Ask me how I know. (I saw it in my dream fantasy while I spooged looking at his hirsute hotness)

  • Jim

    Definitely one of your hottest posts. THANKS!

  • Downsouthbear

    Any chance of getting a clip of this scene.

  • DoverDavid

    Very yummy!! He can be my human TP dispenser any time of the year. Wish he raised his arms so I could see his pits!

  • wmassguy

    He’s a perfect 10 in my book. Absolutely perfect!

  • scott

    i’ve heard guys joke about their erect member doubling as a towel rack or holder but the toilet paper gag is pretty funny. i didn’t even wonder about the ramifications of the man’s organ size though, i gotta tell ya. all in all in my experience i would say there have been very few experiences with men having small willies….then again i never was a size queen either

  • Jay in Crappy Michigan

    I sure hope that he has a square to spare…
    I want to use it all up and replace the roll. (with my mouth)

  • Donny Silver

    I downloaded the movie and watched the scene. It’s at the very beginning of the movie. For whatever reason, her sister wants to take his picture. He’s “preparing” himself in the bathroom. She’s getting impatient. She then enter the room and he’s just like that. She laughs, saying “you’re so dumb. how is it called?” and he answers “Monday Morning.”
    In the movie the “moment” is clearer. Fairly sure it’s his balls in the roll. You see something in it but we can’t really see the uretra, so it’s most likely his balls. hmmm. 😉

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