Presenting Mah Husband’s Canadian Twin

Yes, such thing EXISTS and yes, Ryan Gosling isn’t the only gift from Canada to the world. His name is Darrin Rose and he’s also a comedian, etcetera etcetera like mah husband and gets mistaken for Jason Sudeikis regularly, too. It is clear that my Canadian readers are hiding him from me because noone has told me about the existence of Darrin until now. Sharing is caring, you know. These two fine specimens should be in SNL together preferably in something like the kissing family skit minus the rest of the family. Yes, that would be so harmful to my crotch part but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Also, because he’s mah husband’s twin this means he will automatically be mah husband. Fact. Thanks to JH for this!

Darrin Rose

Darrin Rose

Darrin Rose

Some reminders:

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis

  • lena jones

    You sound like a sad 12 year old girl

  • len

    Well, Lena, then we’re both sad 12 year old girls. Jason IS HOTT, and this man looks like his brother.

  • Ouch!

    Lena, you sound like an idiot!

  • Actually Darrin is a bit cuter…And it looks like he might be just a bit ‘bigger’…

  • pickle

    I always thought Darrin was way more attractive than Jason. I liked his show Mr. D, which is set for a second season.

  • lordy

    handsome canuck that i’d glady f*ck

  • Mallory

    Much better than Jason in my opinion. Jason’s handsome, but little else as far as I’m concerned. Here theres more potential

  • Boris

    Canada has the most amount of true hunk per capita in the entire world…

  • Mallory

    Funny. Not hilarious but funny, and genuinely cute. He gets all sorts of points for that from mee. Give him a nice big kiss.

  • Carrie

    isn’t he the guy from Video on Trial ?

  • He’s a hottie!!! I want him shirtless!:(

  • Vlaovik

    I agree – a fine looking man. He’s on some Canadian reboot of ‘Match Game’ … i don’t think i could watch an episode of it, but he just might give me incentive. I thought his body would be slightly chunkier but i doesn’t appear so. I suggest he pose shirtless just to confirm….

  • undapantsman

    Square. I am happy that I stumbled upon your site a few years back, and this might be the thing that keeps me coming back for more. Sudeikis #2?! OH MAH GAWD /swooningsohard

  • @undapantsman Thanks for keep visiting all these years – I really appreciate it!

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