Say Hello to the Star of Your Dreams Tonight

Are we alone in the universe? Is there more shirtless shots of Chris Robshaw? These are the burning questions that need answers in our lifetime. With rugby players getting naked left right and centre, the fact that this is the only clear shirtless picture of England national rugby union captain Chris Robshaw is SO beyond me. This is just wrong in too many ways. Someone needs to do a Chris Robshaw 2013 calendar like, yesterday but for now let’s just glad that he can be the star of your dreams tonight and many nights after.

  • Mark

    I want to see what’s in those shorts in the last pic. Neck up he’s a zero, but waist down I’m very intrigued.

  • Robert

    Why say he’s a zero from the neck up? What happened to your taste in handsome men? Shame. Please retract that.

  • James

    @Mark You’re right!He has a butter face but with that body I won’t kick him out of bed.

  • sparks

    I disagree. The face is actually boy-next-door hotness. The body is a bit beefier than I usually like, but I damned sure wouldn’t kick his ass out of bed. lol

  • SZK

    I agree, I think he’s got a very handsome, rugged face. But different strokes for different folks – and Mark is just interested in his junk anyway.

  • Vlaovik

    C’mon – a nice looking guy all over! Stop complaining……look at hose arms and a moderately hairy chest….

  • rick lutz

    not my proverbial cuppa………….I wouldn’t kick him IN bed!!

  • knucklehead

    That is one helluva SEXY, RUGGED, MAN!!!

  • Sammy

    HE IS A GOD!!!!

  • cutler

    i want to be in that locker room!!

  • Brian

    I think he has a really handsome face, very rugged and masculine. The rest of him is quite nice too!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Silly, picky queens. The guy is a beautiful masculine MAN. I’ll bet his biggest detractors haven’t had anyone as hot as he in….. forever. Get over it bitches.

  • DoverDavid

    Awww and a dolphin lover too. 😉

  • Rob-Bear

    A zero from the neck up? Mark are you blind? He’s a good looking, rugged guy, I bet you’re nothing short of a hippocrocapig yourself.

  • scott

    oh lord, square-daddy i think you’ve struck GOLD in a big way. even that perfect specimen of mammalian brilliance had to beach him or herself just to get a closer look at that beeyoot. probably is a female dolphin cuz if it was a male we would have seen his “nature rising”. this beats a year’s supply of tom daly speedo poses (i’m not even sure i got the olympic diver’s given name correct, sheesh almighty)

  • Tim

    I think he’s a very handsome man. Definitely wouldn’t kick him outta bed.

  • Phil

    I’m all for ‘different strokes’…And I’d totally hit that!!!…

  • Phil

    Oh and Square; you might wanna check out Chicago Fire-quite a bit of hot shiftlessness…

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  • alimac

    I would hope to call a “MARK” if he did an “UP AND UNDER”

  • alimac

    OK,rugby terms but very appropriate for a “FULL BACK”

    WOW,I would treasure his soiled rugby gear!!

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