This Week in Boywhoring

I know that this post will divide my readers yet again and this is hardly news, but like him or not it is my duty to post a Tom Daley update as he’s always somewhere doing something every week until the next Olympics (after soaking in a tub of bronzer overnight, naturally).

  • James

    Sorry, But this little twink seems way to Gay for me. But I wouldn
    ‘t kick him out of bed! 🙂

  • hung 10

    And I wouldn’t kick him IN!!

  • Christopher

    Tom. D. is my favorite type- a boy next door type who’s quite
    attractive with a stunningly well defined toned body. yum. 🙂

  • Definitely on my fu*k list. 😀

  • Nick

    Eh I’m over him, it’s just too much.

  • cutler

    i’d be happy just having a pair of his speedos

  • Beau

    Why are we seeing so much of him? He’s nothing special to look at and OP is right, he’s a twinkwhore and a famewhore. Next please!

  • Mik

    edible speedos YUM

  • I know I’m not tired of him in the least. Bring it and his crotch on!

  • Okcspooge

    I love everything about Tom Daley (wish he’d passed on the tattoo, though).

    Still, he does seem to be on the verge of appearing at store openings. “OMG, at Best Buy, you’ll find ‘Olympic’ savings!”

    I wonder if he hired the sister of Tom Cruise (she of Oprah Couch Fame) to do his PR. I don’t think he wants to be a dork, but the mobot thing is just plain goofy.

    We’re going to have to insist he git nekkid.

  • Okcspooge-I’m thinkin’ the tat is a ‘right of passage’, for male Olympians…Just as it is now for many US Military men(I don’t know or care about the females)…It means-‘I can take the pain’…I like Tom he’s a total cutie(though I’m not sure he has all that much um ‘down under’-LOL…For all that yes he’s like the ‘boy next door’ that you watched grow up(and totally makes you feel like a pedophile)into a HOT young man… Sadly I do notice in some pics he(Tom)has a delicious treasure trail-which he seems to shave on a regular basis…I’d kill just to BUY a well used pair of his speedos-LOL…

  • Most modern male Olympians know(as do their handlers)that they have a gay following…And the smart ones cater to that(especially the straight ones)…The official Olympic rules still exclude gays(as they do ‘non-upperclass’ anybody)…I don’t know if any of you remember Rudy Guillinda-he was a figure skater…He was censured by the US Olympic Committee, for ‘acting’ too ‘homosexual’-this was long before the likes of Johnny Whier…In all truth the ‘official’ Olympic rules also exclude any but ‘upper class’ WHITE’ people(one of the main reasons Jim Thorpe was stripped of all his medals-[oh the horrors-he was a Native American])…It is well known in Olympic(and in Pro sports)circles, that NO gay MAN can truly be an athlete…

  • Tom is a VERY young kid who is having fun(and yes cashing in)on his fame-really how many years does he have to do it?…Remember he(Tom)does nothing without the approval of his ‘handlers’…Many years from now he ‘might’ come out-as did Ricky Martin; until long after he’s made his millions…Why do you think such peeps as Ryan Seacrest, and Anderson Cooper-won’t ‘come out’?…Straight America, and most of the rest of the world, just won’t accept gay men(though they love lesbians-which I totally don’t understand)…

  • REX

    @Phil – Anderson Cooper did come out, finally.

  • okcspooge

    Well said, Phil.

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