This Will Fill That Void in Your Life

And the only thing to do next is to photoshop your face / genitals onto Mike Rowe’s iPad screen. It’s good that the people from “The Jeff Probst Show” have decided to do this but they really need to sack the lighting guy and the person who does the distracting on-screen display things. First of all, who watches “Survivor” anymore and second of all the only thing Jeff Probst has to show is Jon Hamm’s twin hiding in his cargo pants – preferably in this scene. Thanks to JH for this!

  • Tom

    This man is a God and I’ve had my own crush on him ever since the first time I saw the show. I wait for him to take off his shirt and he often comes through. I think he knows the guys like him… a lot. Oh yes, we speculate on his sexuality. Wishful thinking probably but we are allowed to dream.

  • Mark

    Rowe is not aging well and there’s nothing remotely sexy about a Mitt Romney supporter.

  • Mike

    Anti-gay, anti-equality right wing tool. Nothing sexy about this man. He’s as attractive as the sh#t he wallows in.

  • Anne Noise


    Not all republicans are evil anti-gay haters. My dad is a registered republican (voted for Obama though!) and has never been anti-gay. I’ve never seen anything from Mike Rowe – in the past or in my brief searches now – that show that he’s anything but a fiscal republican with no ties to any anti-equality groups other than voting for Romney, which is hardly a damnable offense. He even explicitly said he DOESN’T ENDORSE ROMNEY, though he did say he would probably be voting for him. (Unless you’re a part of that group that continues to espouse the party split in this country; again, not all republicans are evil, and to claim that you know Rowe’s beliefs based on his presidential vote in one election is absolutely ridiculous.)

    But anyway. Fuck yeah I would do the dirtiest things to him, constantly. He’s on my Three Free with my boyfriend, haha. If anything I’d love to hear his thoughts on why he voted for Romney and have a legit discussion with him rather than decrying him entirely for perceived slights against our community.

  • Sammy


  • Mallory

    I still watch Survivor, this season is quite good though thats the exception not the rule anymore. Regardless Mike Rowe is a nice looking guy. I try not to find him attractive [not for political reasons just he gets on my nerves] but I can’t honestly say he isnt sexy at all. He is.

  • Chuck

    Meh. M-e-h, meh.

  • Well, he has a show called Dirty Jobs!!!

  • rodthehorny

    Okay seriously, yeah whatever!!!

  • C G


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