Ty Burrell in Modern Family

Ty Burrell Shirtless in Modern Family

In my book, Ty Burrell falls into the ‘obnoxious neighbour your dad hates so much who likes to brag about his car and the one you fantasize about every night’. You know that type so well. Here are some of his shirtless caps from this week’s “Modern Family” with Matthew Broderick which I personally think doesn’t seem to age so well – as in he still looks roughly the same. I had strong feelings for him in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” as a young man but now as much as I adore mature men, he’s just not doing anything down there.

Ty Burrell Shirtless in Modern Family

Ty Burrell Shirtless in Modern Family

Ty Burrell Shirtless in Modern Family

Ty Burrell Shirtless in Modern Family

  • Matt


    THAT, is Matthew Broderick?? OH MY GOD! Until I went back and read your narration – I had NO IDEA that was Broderick. Oh man, he has not aged well at ALL! WOW.

  • Tom

    Ty Burrell is very sexy but I thought he would be furrier than that. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’d do him anyway 🙂 As for Matthew. He is what he is and I wouldn’t throw him out of bed. Just close your eyes and think Ferris.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Y’all can have ’em both.

  • Bro

    Love Ty Burrell, and Phil. Totally hot.

  • Tikihead

    Matthew reached his peak around ‘Road to Wellville,’ IMHO.

  • Tikihead

    Matthew also has chest hair – he was ill advised to depilate.


  • len

    What Matt needs to do is go on a diet and lose 50lbs. He’d be stunning!

  • scott

    hey tikihead, that photo looks like the french guy who played alongside with matthew in GODZILLA. maybe i need lasix or something now that i’m in my mid fifties

  • anon

    Ive seen better episodes where he looks hotter and hairer, however his snail trail is to die for and hes just so so hot love the programme love him taking his clothes of more x <3

  • Mark

    Ty Burrell has a great pits!Matthew Broderick on the other hand,sorry but your days as a pretty boy are long gone but I still love and would do you.Just stay in the closet and be happy.You’ve earned it.

  • sparks

    I’ ve had a crush on Ty since the first episode of Modern Family… and they’ve wisely had him strip his shirt off TWICE in a month.

    The writers of that show really GET me. 😉

  • Eric

    I personally think Ty is beyond sexy! I wish he was hairier than he actually is, but those AMAZING pits make up for his lack of fur. I’d do him any day!

  • Josh

    Those pits are absolutely delicious! Period. What I wouldn’t give just to have one night with Ty. Oh the things I would do! hahaha I agree with Eric that I wish he was furrier, but those pits make up for it. Love them!

  • John

    Ty’s pits are HOT and make up for the lack of fur on his chest. He’s sexy !!!!!

  • andrew

    aaaaw i dont think he’s annouying. adorkable for sure. and ty for that word i use it to describe some of the guys i like but dont understand why lmao

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