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Jake Johnson Shirtless in New Girl

This glorious morning is brought to you by the furry adorkable (just picking up where we left of) Jake Johnson in a recent episode of “New Girl”. I mean, what better way to start your day than staring at that hairy chest those brown eyes first thing? These shirtless caps of Jake came from Andrea who has been supplying me with a healthy amount of skin (okay, that actually actually sounded grosser than intended). Also, they need to get David Walton‘s shirt off ASAP and that’s AN ORDER.

Jake Johnson Shirtless in New Girl

Jake Johnson Shirtless in New Girl

  • Eh eh I knew you would have loved it when I sent!<3

  • Mark

    Adorkable with cute face and cuter nips! 🙂

  • J

    he’s just hot! I prefer him scruffy though.

  • bo_s

    One of them the most ador(k)able people on TV right now. Him and Zachary Knighton.

  • Endymion2009

    And the best thing is, he doesn’t trim! 🙂

  • Nope sorry…Too much um female…

  • Try watchin’ Chicago Fire…Lot’s of MALE chests…Jesse Spencer is awsome…

  • Even if he(Jesse)is in a hospital bed…But another ‘star’ is sitting in a shower-and you see a maybe NSFW of the side of his ass in a shower…He also has a great chest…I’m just sayin’…

  • Tomas

    Omg I love him I wanna ride him

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