Why Every Month Should Be November

You’re probably wondering who this fine piece is and if there’s anymore of him. To answer your burning questions, this is Zack and when someone doesn’t have a last name you know that he’s modeling for something, in this case the Movemboys project started by two Montreal photograpgers to raise money in order to fight prostate cancer and support male mental health initiatives as part of the Movember project. Throughout the month of November they’ll get shirts off these mustachioed guys when the donation reaches certain milestones. Zack is my personal favorite and as you can see he’s done here. Visit Movemboys for more pictures and information about this project. This is an unpaid post, unless you call a visit from Zack tonight as a payment. I FUCKING WISH.




Here are some of the offerings, more on the site of course.



  • Holt

    OMG They released Steve’s as well… and he has ginormous nipples. My nudity buffer sucks!

    Almost forgot to revisit the site, thanks for the reminder Square 🙂

  • Mark

    Yeah nice nips that’s all.

  • michael

    i love the first guy with the furry chest. id do things with him that would frighten barn yard animals.

  • michael

    i love the first guy, zack with the furry chest. id do things to that man that would frighten barn yard animals

  • Eric

    The first 2 guys are absolutely amazing! The chest hair on the first guy is beyond sexy! What I wouldn’t do to have that! And the second guy…. those nipples are delicious!

  • I’m all for ANY site that has anything to do with MALE health issues…I’m so tired of hearing about FEMALE health issues(AND YES THEY ARE IMPORTANT TOO)…I have prostate issues-and to ME that is just as important as any boob issue…

  • Zach is just plain HOT…The things I would do in all that fur-I’m just sayin’…

  • Sad that we have to go to Canada, to see furry men…I don’t know if any of you watched ‘Who Wants to be a Supermodel’, on Bravo-but they made all the furry guys get waxed(like Ronnie Kroell-at least now he’s let it grow back)…It was sad…

  • Alex

    So fucking hot. I’m definitely bookmarking this one.

  • Boris

    Ah! Canada, land of the true hunks!!!

  • len

    One and Two…..GORGEOUS!!!

  • DoverDavid

    Nice looking lot!

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