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2012 Favorites

Because the world didn’t end last week, we shall have the privilege to look back at the year in shirtlessness. And I am giving myself a pat at the back for doing this today, not tomorrow unlike what my procrastinating ass told me to. Despite some absence, this joint has 13 million visits in 2012 according to semi-reliable sources. That’s a lot of drool and a lot of pretending you’re doing the spreadsheet while actually trying hard not to lick the screen. My gratitude. Here are some of my favorite posts of the year.

2012 started with a bang. A bang in your pants that is, with Chris Evans‘s generosity in “What’s Your Number”. After this disaster (I still can’t get over it) – this is a sight for sore crotches.

Chris Evans Shirtless in What's Your Number

This year, I’ve decided to integrate this crusty joint in the 21st century by having a Facebook page, and that’s a MAJOR step for my old ass. Still not sure what it does.

Britain’s whoriest manwhore got some deals done with H&M and then some.

David Beckham Shirtless for H&M

Of course, that wasn’t enough.

David Beckham Shirtless in Elle

Still on the topic of British manwhores – Steve Jones on Ellen.

Steve Jones Shirtless on Ellen

Same pose, this time with Harry Potter on “Saturday Night Live”.

Daniel Radcliffe Shirtless in Saturday Night Live

Across the pond to the land of premium manbeef, I give you Kris Holden-Ried.

Kris Holden-Reid Shirtless

James Wolk made a big impact in 2011 and I’m glad he’s still being healthily exploited this year.

James Wolk Shirtless

Bonjour, le scruffy Monsieur Dujardin!

Haven’t watched a lot of reality TV this year, but I did watch Jay Byars on “Survivor: One World”.

Jay Byars Shirtless

Again, Canada doesn’t disappoint with David James Elliott.

David James Elliott Shirtless in GCB

And then Jamie Bamber returned.

Jamie Bamber Shirtless

Everybody’s talking about “Call Me Maybe” being song of the year and shit, so like a fat kid wanting to blend in – here’s Holden Nowell (again, Canada is great).

Holden Nowell Shirtless

Richard Burgi is re-enacting one of my wet dream episodes. Damn.

Richard Burgi Shirtless

“The Client List” was the gift that keeps on giving.

Matt Battaglia Shirtless

Thank you (yet again), Canada for Allan Hawco.

Allan Hawco Shirtless

Not to be outdone by the Brits, here’s Wilson Bethel.

Wilson Bethel Shirtless

While you’re not looking, Lucius Malfoy has become a major DILF.

Jason Isaacs Shirtless

And Neville Longbottom has turned into this.

Matthew Lewis

I think we all need a break. Care to have a drink with Thomas Beaudoin?

Thomas Beaudoin Shirtless

Let’s continue with some adorkableness from Zachary Levi.

Armie Hammer’s furry chest was the only good thing about the mess of a film, “Mirror, Mirror”.

Armie Hammer Shirtless

Here’s a new way to sell overpriced candles.

Peter Calandra Shirtless

How about some blond furry hotness from Matt Barr in “The Hafields and McCoys”?

Matt Barr Shirtless

And these guys.

Outback Bushmen

Anyone remember how hot Kevin Bernhardt was in “Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth”?

Kevin Bernhardt

2012 still has some abomination. Here’s one of them.

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless

At 40, Ben Affleck is a hip suburban dad who you always wanted to climb.

We need to express our gratitude with all these hot men by getting down on your knees and pray to Saint Cohen.

Ben Cohen Shirtless

Aren’t we glad Thom Evans doesn’t play rugby anymore?

Thom Evans Shirtless

But again, there are plenty of hot men who are still in the game. Case in point, Chris Robshaw.

And then, there’s the Olympics.

Henrik Rummel

Or non-Olympics.

We have a long jumping ginger.

Greg Rutherford Shirtless

And a blond German hulk.

AND OF COURSE, the Olympics is actually all about Tom Daley.

Tom Daley

It was the start of his never ending boywhoring.

Tom Daley

I mean, really. It never ends– and never will.

Tom Daley

Tom Daley

Love him or loathe him, he’s here to stay.

Tom Daley

Let’s go back to MEN, shall we?


If you’re missing the facial hair – here’s Chad Sanders with possibly the hottest stache on the net.

Chad Sanders Shirtless

Jonny Lee Miller is all fur in “Elementary”.

Jonny Lee Miller

And how about Scott Caan on the beach?

Now, don’t get too excited because we still have a fully clothed Jon Hamm. And then some.

There must be some sort of a steel girder in there.

Shawn Ashmore knows what you were looking at, you perv.

Shawn Ashmore

This is Rob Delaney.

Rob Delaney

And this is mah husband.

This year, Jesse Spencer is back with a vengeance.

Jesse Spencer Shirtless

Adam Sandler should just stop making films, period. With an exception.

Milo Ventimiglia

And who can forget this?

James Van Der Beek

I’m already looking forward to Movember next year. This is why.

Zack Movember

Perhaps the biggest discovery of the yearOliver Jackson Cohen.

Oliver Jackson Cohen

And finally, film of the year your libidos have been talking about – the follicle free “Magic Mike“.

Magic Mike

What could be better than the most beautiful man in the world getting his buttocks out for the world to see?

Matt Bomer

Too much? Yes, it can be – that’s a whole bloody year of hot men cramped into one post. The only thing to do now is take a long shower.

Matt Bomer

I’d really, really like to thank all of you for keep visiting and supporting the site. I know it is impossible to cater to everyone’s taste but I hope that you do find some of your favorites and discover new ones here! Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous new year and plenty of shirtlessness ahead!

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