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Tom Daley Shirtless with Mistletoe

I have been spoiling you bitches rotten with plenty of furry hotness lately, so a little balance is needed. It’s time to catch up with the tangerine twink of Britain and this is his latest exploit, via Heat Magazine, you know the people who brought us this – of fucking course! He’s being more modest this time in comparison to his other whoring activities. Boywhores will always be boywhores and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Tom Daley Shirtless Under the Mistletoe

Update: OF COURSE, Tom Daley as Santa will happen.

Tom Daley Shirtless Under the Mistletoe

  • He could hold that mistletoe a little lower… like his crotch. 😛

  • len

    I’d kiss him under the mistletoe

  • looneyman

    Tom + plaid pj’s + mistletoe. Definitely.

  • pcd

    please stop shoving him down our throats, I feel like a perv just by looking at him, he looks 12.

  • Christopher

    lets face it Tom D. is as tasty has freshly made English toffee,
    covered in nuts and silky milk chocolate of course.

  • k

    Enough of this infatuation with Daley. He’s not the second coming of Twinkie Christ. In the pantheon of attractive twinks he’s got a decent but not stellar face and ditto for the body. At this point there’s nothing left in the fuel tank but old guys creepin out on somebody who’s barely done having Study Hall on his class schedule.

    Give it up. The whole world knows by now you’re all dying to seduce him with that cropped shot of your gray chesthair on grindr. The memo is emphatically received.

  • Travis

    I’m pretty sure this is Square’s site and he can post whoever he wants to, if you like it or not. If you have such a problem with it, there’s a red X at the top right of your screen.

    Tom is hot, by the way. Yum!

  • doug105

    Ok we’ve long gotten that tom or others like him aren’t your cup of tea but enough if you can’t say something nice why even click the link ? Learn to STFU!
    It’s not like there’s nothing else for you to look at, if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all.

  • k

    Your whiteknighting is adorable but wholly misplaced on a function of the site that literally invites commentary. Keep on loving Daley, nobody’s stopping you.

    I’m not the first to point out how long past the station that whole train is, and I won’t be the last. Best grow a thicker skin until you stumble your way into a magical world where nobody disagrees with your tastes.

  • Mark

    Tom Daley again?!Come on Square,you can do better than this!Yes he is kinda cute but pcd’s right,he looks 12.

  • Beau

    I wholeheartedly agree with PCD, K and Mark. Tom Daley is now a camera whore and is nothing special, full stop.

  • Tim

    Since when do 12-yr olds have hair under their arms and a build like Tom Daley? Not everyone likes daddy-type hairy, beefy guys, but guess what. If we don’t like them, we can choose NOT to click on the pics. It really pretty easy. It’s Square’s site, so let him post the pics that he likes. Or get your own damn blog.

  • DoverDavid

    I don’t see anything appealing about him at all.

  • Robert

    Absoludtely the best thing to be exported by Great Britain since Princess Di.
    Tom Daley is a masterpiece and I’m sure he’s enjoying every moment. NO harm in that. Detractors should get a life and not be so negative.

  • Robert

    Absolutely the best thing to be exported by Great Britain since Princess Di.
    Tom Daley is a masterpiece and I’m sure he’s enjoying every moment. NO harm in that. Detractors should get a life and not be so negative.

  • eagander


  • Okcspooge

    Part of the appeal of this site is the element of surprise. Square offers a nice selection, and I appreciate every post. Tom Daley is a favorite, even if he is a bit of a dork, and he shaves too much.

    He seems to be an exhibitionist, which is great. I’m an audience.

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  • michael

    square, you can do better than this, i know you can. im sure the pedophile community is just loving this, but good grief. enough is enough.

  • cutler

    still LOVE him! keep him coming!

  • Phil

    YES-YES-YES I’d kiss him…And then sit on his ‘Santa’ lap, and um be VERY naughty… 😉 …

  • Jaz

    Wow, now Tom Daley fans are labeled as pedophiles! Nothing like a bit of undue nastiness to destroy the yuletide cheer. Tom is well over the legal age in England, and does NOT look like a 12-year-old. It’s just too bad he shaves his chest.

  • Gabriel

    Personally, I fucking hate this guy, he needs a little more meat on those bones. I also like things with age. So I can’t wait for the next update for someone better but I guess until then I can drop a load to this.

  • Eric

    Eh, he doesn’t do anything for me. He is too “pretty” for my taste. I like a guy who is hairy and rugged. I hate pretty boys like him. He is definitely attractive and has some nice features, but he looks too pretty and young for my taste. He sure as hell has some fucking amazing pits!

  • Exactly what web-sites and also websites do the browsing on area connect virtually all upon?

  • Alex

    Just adding a minor voice to the riot, but I’d vehemently pass on the one.

  • DAnny

    I know orange is the color of the year but I think he took it a bit far with his skin 😛

    Other than that he hot lol, (Obligatory joke about sitting on santa’s lap, being naughty, etc. etc.)

  • Okcspooge

    Here’s a nice short clip of the three top 2012 Olympic divers, including reactions to winning. I’ll never be tired of divine Tom Daley.

  • JS

    I’ll click and comment all I want as long as Square allows it – and EVEN MORE SO just to be a thorn in the side of all you assholes who think you’re the chosen guardians and dictators of all who don’t like what you like, etc.

    Tom Daley isn’t even REMOTELY attractive. Kid is ugly. Period. I don’t like him and I don’t care what the rest of you a-holes who are nothing more than
    “commenters”, think.

    Square, you’ve got excellent taste in men, but I gotta question your discerning eye on this guy.

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