Happy Christmas!

Louis Smith Shirtless

Before you stuff your faces with some oversized bird with all the trimmings and feel absolutelyfuckinghorrible the next day I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas wherever you are. And because Christmas is all kinds of tacky, I’m letting the yuletide gay with British Olympic gymnast Louis Smith doing some tacky shirtless shots for Reveal magazine. Louis is not going to let the silver medal get in his way just because it’s not gold. Not sure if he’s the Tom Daley of gymnastics since the competition is pretty fierce, but Louis has been pretty much everywhere lately including being the winner of “Strictly Come Dancing” and that has to be a major step up the manwhore ladder.

  • Mark

    Those nipples are very hot!!

  • rick

    The facial hair trim is so very wrong and he needs to try some whitening strips on his teeth, but the chest is hot (that’s about it from me, sorry girls!)

  • Tom

    I agree with Rick. This guy does nothing for me. There’s almost an “eww” response. Sorry.

  • Bob

    Yeah sorry… nothing. Merry Christmas to all!

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    Man, some people are SO difficult to gift for! I will GRATEFULLY accept this holiday gift, square. No matter WHAT the other ungrateful, nit-picky queens say, I say, “YUM!” 🙂

  • Christopher

    America’s Gold, Silver or Bronze winning Olympic athletes
    rarely if ever do post-Olympics sexy let alone nude shoots.
    so i give British and other European Olympic medal athletes
    two thumbs up for doing sexy and nude shoots. i wish medal
    winning male athletes from the U.S. team would do likewise.

    after all one of the reasons for the inception of the original
    Games in Ancient Greece was the admiration of young male
    beauty in athletic competition.

  • Eric

    He has some nice nipples. I’d love to give those a good sucking. And he has decent pits. Other than that, he does nothing for me. He is very unattractive if you ask me. Love the nipples, though!

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  • Redboy70


  • Jack

    He’s cute. You people are ridiculous.

    The most disappointing thing about this site is the general lack of men of color.

  • Tom Maxwell

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion & to express it. Glad you think he’s hot but don’t call me ridiculous because I don’t. That’s ridiculous.

  • Jack

    My opinion stands. You’re ridiculous:

    “whitening strips”
    “very unattractive”

    What a bunch of bitchy, sad queens.

  • SZK

    I don’t understand why expressing an opinion that differs from your own seems to always elicit a knee-jerk “bitchy/fat/sad/self-hating/[insert adjective] + gays/queens/fags/[insert noun]” response around here. Attractiveness is a fluid and subjective thing.

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