Justice is Served

When a random model is featured on this website, you know it’s going to be good (this one so far is the ultimate crowd favorite). Carefully selected among thousands of hairless drones, tell your libidos to say hello to a slice of man perfection that is Justice Joslin. I don’t really need to elaborate further, because Justice is definitely doing justice to his follicle kingdom by keeping it alive and also getting inked in the right places (aka hidden from view). And don’t get me started on those piercing sapphire blue eyes…

Justice Joslin Shirtless

Justice Joslin Shirtless

Justice Joslin Shirtless

Justice Joslin Shirtless

Justice Joslin Shirtless

  • Paul

    The whole package – STUNNING! Marry me!!

  • sparks

    He’s breathtakingly beautiful and that chest could keep me busy for days.

  • knucklehead

    He’s a beautiful man!

  • David H.

    He’s gorgeous! He can fuck me anytime.

  • lordy

    fleur de lys indeed

  • Bob E

    I just regained consciousness, I was out for about 30 seconds. That maps
    to a Square index of 12 on a scale 1-10. Wait I need to change a portion of
    my clothing, getting a little sticky.

  • bo_s

    I’m in love

  • Mallory

    Oh boy, yeah Square. When you get it right, whatch out. Shit. ……i need to regain use of my body

  • Mark

    If there were any justice, he’d be in my bed right now.

  • lkcolo

    That man is beautiful!!!!! the eyes and face, that chest–de-frickin-licious I just revised my christmas list

  • Martymoose

    Agree with all of the above!!

  • Sammy

    He is gorgeous!!!!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Perfect. Nothing else needs to be said

  • Okcspooge

    I’d empty his chamber pot — or anything else he needed.

  • pitluver

    oh my yes! that pit shot looks very good to me! i hope he never gets rid of the beautiful forest on his gorgeous chest!

  • I’d love to bury my face in that sexy chest!

  • John

    I just creamed my pants.

  • This is the most wonderfull thing of my week!

  • Phil

    Santa-I want HIM!…

  • Phil

    P.S. unwrapped of course…

  • anon

    Asdfghjj HOT HOT HOT lost.all use of vocabulary

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  • Leonel

    I’d kiss every milimeter of his chest. I wonder if he has a powerful cock.MMM

  • Jamie

    Damn near perfect! Wait a minute, he IS perfect.

  • C G

    Good lord. YUM.

  • russ

    wow what a gorgeous guy, i would be in heaven just spending one hour alone with him….. hes’ a stunner for sure.

  • Jeff

    …WOOF!! What I could do(throat) for him!!!

  • Iza

    Preciso do contato com modelo, para eventos publicitário
    Favor entrar em contato
    Estaremos aguardando

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