Maybe the Mayans Were Right After All

Tom Daley Shirtless in Splash

If this is any indication of the future, looks like next year is going to be the year of MANWHORES. The apocalypse has begun. Just when think you’ve had enough Tom Daley this year (and to be fair, on this website) and the prime television couldn’t sink any lower than TOWIE, here’s Tom doing his best Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” (more like the little merboywhore) impression pimping out his reality show “Splash” on British ITV 1 where he will be teaching other manwhores like Joey Essex and Leandro Penna to dive. Sadly, I think my ass will be watching this mess next month. Thanks to Nathan for the heads up!

  • Michael Owen-Lowe.


    • lower-than-lowe

      (drops purse)

  • Cool Cookie

    I. Just hope he doesn’t grow up to be a dick.

  • michael

    CAN WE PLLLZ STOP WITH THE TOM DALEY KIDDIE PORN? i just want to pat him on the head and ask “does your mama know your out?” lets get back to MEN.

  • Beau


  • Creighton

    Seeing that I am a young guy myself, I wouldn’t mind bumping into him … but that’s just me. Keep it coming Square!

  • Bob

    An honest smile is a big turn on. you can keep the sneering queens.

  • len

    1. I can never get enough of Tom Daley. He’s gorgeous.
    2. to all you GERIATRIC Daddy worshipers, daddies, and all you Grizzly Adams wannabees, not every man in Squarehippies were meant for you. I prefer to see young slender cuteness and hottness, and adorkables. If I want to only see Old geezers, I can go to family gatherings in the Summer.

  • Mark

    “merboywhore”LOL!!You’ve just made my day with that word!!

  • THX 1980

    What else is Tom Daley supposed to be wearing? A zoot suit?

    He’s an Olympic medal winning diver. Say what you want, but the speedo is what he does his primary work in.

  • Simon Haeems

    We take our hats off, to you Tom! Very BRAVE of you..
    Hope you have a Long and lasting relationship, such as ours (38 years) and that you’ll get marrid & adopt many children, ie. Elton John.
    You are an Insperation to ALL Youngsters in this day of, all you hear, is kid are being bullied ect at schools.
    May G-BLESS you’ll.
    With our best wishe’s.
    Simon & Daniel.

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