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These are the words of the day. Henry Cavill. Scorching. Wolverine-grade hairy. Superman. If this is not the best film of 2013, I don’t know what is! Watch the freshly released second trailer of “Man of Steel” or the alternate title, “Man of Everybody’s Libido” after the jump. Welling who? Routh what?

  • michael

    Can’t wait for the shirtless scenes 😀

  • Anne Noise

    Lots of hot dudes in this movie – Christopher Meloni, Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner…

  • sparks

    While I agree that Henry Cavill is a demi-god, I would never discount the absoluteness of Tom Welling’s gorgeousness. I mean c’mon… Tom had the perfect face for Superman/Clark. I really wish he had gone on to make some Superman movies.

    Still, I’m totally looking forward to this movie. It has the potential to be the most defining of all the SM shows/movies.

  • John

    I’m confused. Assuming that Henry plays Superman in this movie, what’s with all the parts of the trailer showing him with beard intact (as well as the flaming scene with his glorious chest hair unsinged) — juxtaposed against the classic beardless Superman face? Are we to suppose that Clark Kent has exchanged his 1950’s look with glasses for a handsome beard, and that he shaves in some phone booth?

  • sparks


    1. The beard is only for one time period of the movie. (He’s also clean-shaven in at least one adult-aged shot of the trailer.)
    2. According to comic mythos his hair is essentially indestructible to all but his own heat vision (against a reflective surface taken from his Kryptonian ship) and does not grow under the influence of a yellow sun… his body hair would easily be able to withstand fire.

    /geek off

  • lordy

    my pants feel tight…

  • Mike

    Holy Crap Batman! 😉
    I MUST see this movie.
    Loved Henry since he was in The Tudors.

  • bo_s

    yes! Yes! YES!

    I think about you, Square, when I first saw this trailer.

  • Okcspooge

    This will be great. Can’t wait. Henry has been my special imaginary boyfriend since Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Christopher

    to Squarehippies-

    i agree with you that Henry C. is the epitome of masculine
    gorgeousness but i am wary of the prospects of the film
    itself. one reason it started principal photography a while ago
    so it should have been released by now. secondly its
    directed by Zack Snyder who i’m guessing was hired because
    of the visual style and action of “300”. but his three subsequent
    films-‘Watchmen”, “Legend of the Guardians” and “Sucker
    Punch” were met with indifference by moviegoers and were
    a bleep on the box office radar. so since this is s hugely
    expensive film i bet the big wigs at Warner Bros. have their
    fingers crossed that Snyder can pull off another “300”. if not
    they’re in deep you know what.

  • Fur of Steel

    Wow. Is their anything sexier then indestructible chest hair!? Oh yeah, indestructible chest hair on THAT body with THAT face. I’m in love!

    What’s even better is that hairy Superman and hairy Wolverine are about to come out in the same year. Girls will love them, dudes will want to be like them, and before you know it, all these 18-35 year old boys will start to think of chest hair as a good thing again! Hopefully things are about to get a lot furrier in the states! 🙂

  • @Fur of Steel AMEN to that!

  • Boris

    At least Henry Cavill is closer to the ORIGINAL superman, who always was represented, when deshirted, as having a somewhat hairy chest!

  • Rand

    Word on the street it’s bad largely because Henry is a poor actor. Glad he’s cute. Look forward to his coming out after the scrutiny the movie brings.

  • C G

    Henry Cavill has to be the most gorgeous man currently living. Seriously. That man is pretty much perfection. Can’t count how many boners I got during “Immortals”.

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