The Chunk Ends Here

Chris Pratt Shirtless

I really hope the world doesn’t end today, because later I’m planning to make up for absence of updates over the last few days later (later being later, okay). In the meantime while you’re anxiously waiting in your bunker, here’s a ripped Chris Pratt showing off his chunk free body on “Conan” for his role in “Zero Dark Thirty”. Between this and a choice of chunky flavours – he’s equally delicious and deserves to be eaten WHOLE.

Chris Pratt Shirtless

  • bo_s

    I love him anyway he looks. Cute, funny.

    and that bulge.

  • Mimi

    He is totally hot hot hot, loved him since Everwood. Hot, funny, talented– total pantydropper.

  • len

    ditch the beard, otherwise,HE’S HOTT!

  • michael

    gods, this man is beautiful. just my style.

  • Donn

    peen on larger full size image. Did you know you can open any image in larger size here? Not very clear on the instructions, but most images are much larger when opened new window or tab..

  • Chriso

    My friend and I were both saying “What if you could have a threesome with chunky Chris Pratt and buff Chris Pratt?!” And then our brains exploded with lust.

  • natorganization

    🙁 i prefer him chunky

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