Time for Some Chest Foley-age

Tim Foley Shirtless in Nothing Trivial

It has been freezing, yucky and definitely uninspiring where I’m at – so you can’t help but want to curl underneath the duvet and slowly die (see the miserable bitch in bed – that’s me). We need something to jumpstart our libidos in this horrible environment – and I think I’ve found it. This is Kiwi actor Tim Foley from TV series “Nothing Trivial” capped by Tinkerbell over at FM Forums. Let’s see – scruffy, perfectly chunky and hairy all over… When is the next flight out to New Zealand?

Tim Foley Shirtless in Nothing Trivial

Tim Foley Shirtless in Nothing Trivial

Tim Foley Shirtless in Nothing Trivial

  • Bob E

    There is no therapeutic sleeping plliow better than the tummy of a
    man-bear with or without abs

  • Tom in long beach

    Very Cute, And Bob E. Abs are never worth the attitude they usually come with!

  • Mark

    Usually I like hairy guys but not this one.Also for a chubby guy he has small nips.

  • Carlos

    Where, when, and how daddy??

  • jd

    HOT….HOt…omg Hot.

  • pitluver

    WOOF! what a hottie! he reminds me of Max Adler from “Glee”. and i wouldn’t mind seeing what hair he has hiding away under his arms! what a gorgeous man!

  • Alex

    I’ve been a visitor of this site for quite some time…actually, since I first started adding the word ‘shirtless’ when Googling my potential husbands. However, this is the FIRST time I have ever posted a comment (I’m shy, what can I say?).

    As of late, I was getting a little concerned with all of the Tom Daley posts, but this redeems you TOTALLY, Square. This guy is f’n HOT HOT HOT. Seriously. I will be stalking him now, and if I happen to find any additional screen caps, they are coming your way.


  • Donn

    Looks like he beefed up for the roll he is playing above.

    True, this pic is 5-6 years old http://img.scoop.co.nz/stories/images/0702/07af1ea77ad88c53cec4.jpeg

  • Donn
  • Phil

    OK again I’m sorry but he looks MUCH better in the less ‘beefy’ pics…It’s like two different men…

  • Boris

    I need to cuddle NOW!!!

  • natorganization

    unf i love them chunky and in little undies 😛

    hes so sexy

  • jeroengogo

    MMM I prefer him beefy and hairy!!! In these pics he is erotic perfection

  • michael

    this is JUST my type. big, beefy…… i like to know ive been rolled over on. none of that bony, reedy, stringy, delicate guys for me.

  • drew

    He certainly makes one heck of a daddy in Jack the Giant Slayer, as Jacks hunky dad! Only in the film for a few minutes, but he sure makes a BIG impression!

  • Arthur

    Usually bikini underwear looks awful on bigger men but his look fine!

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