Yes, This is Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Shirtless

A million years ago, I’ve had a sizeable crush on Jim Carrey during his peak – so seeing him flexing his beef in the freshly released trailer of “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” brings back memories. By memories I mean being a little too excited seeing Ace Ventura coming out of a rhino’s behind (a teenager can get excited on the strangest things, okay). Also worth noting – the abomination of Steve Carell’s chest. Does the follicle disappear with the weight? Watch it, after the jump.

Jim Carrey Shirtless

  • Michael Owen-Lowe.

    Love the video….quite funny….in an American sort of way!!!!

  • szoszo

    jim was is will be hot hot hot! always loved him and hes been in amazing shape in the past few years!

  • jad

    He does some major weird stuff in this movie…wish I could tell you more but I signed a confidentiality agreement when I did the film. The shot you have is nothing compared to the other stuff he does. He is in amazing shape and the hair almost down to his butt would look okay if it was all the same colour.

  • I think I first fell for him back in 85/86 when he was appearing in Once Bitten with Lauren Bacall… I was about 21…

    LOVED the shower scene…

    Mark Kendall: What was that scene in the shower all about?

    Russ: That’s the thanks I get for trying to help out a friend?

    Mark Kendall: Oh you’re a big help, thanks a lot. Did it ever occur to you guys
    that maybe you could’ve asked me?

    Jamie: Oh my God!

    Russ: She told us to look!

    Jamie: I knew it! I knew it, we enjoyed it!

    Russ: Would you shut up? Just shut up!

    Jamie: No that’s it! We’re homos! We’re rump-rangers!

  • C G

    Jim Carrey has to the most annoying man that’s ever lived.


  • kate

    Jim is a sexy man in his own right. I too had a sizable crush on him. I first saw him in Peggy Sue Got Married..and have loved him since.

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