And the Winner of This Week’s Genetic Lottery Is…

Hot Guy with Mustache

Thanks to Kenneth for introducing me to this very fine male specimen and yes, you can only find the finest ones in Canada. The good news is he plays on my team but the bad news is he’s taken. Now excuse me while I morph into a pervy fly and set up a permanent residence on his bedroom wall.

Hot Guy

Hot Guy

Hot Guy

Hot Guy

Hot Guy

  • Bearsyl

    Good looking, has a boyfriend and he’s a doctor. The perfect man any gay guy would ask for. Oh he is so HOT!!!

  • Carina

    Is not far! Hes so hot!!!!!!!

  • Bob E

    An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 except for his “takenness”. Oh well, they are a
    sweet couple. Happy New Year and many years to come for them.

  • Mark

    Don’t be upset that he’s taken. It seems like every week they have a new best friend with benefits so you all have a chance. Just don’t be disappointed that he’s a physiotherapist not a doctor, but he does wear that stethoscope around town even when he’s out of work because he likes that people think he’s a doctor.

  • Boris

    I said it before, and I am going to say it again, Canadian men are the best!!!

  • Mark

    Don’t worry that he’s taken. They have a new best friend with benefits every week so you still have a chance. Although he’s a physiotherapist not a doctor, but he loves wearing his stethoscope around town so that people will think he’s a doctor.

  • Mark

    Please don’t tell me he’s really a fucking doctor! He should be mine. Mine! All mine!

  • Mark

    Reactions like (other) Mark’s are the reason he wears his stethoscope all the time outside of work. He LOVES people thinking he’s important. It would be funny if it wasn’t so douchey lol

  • michael

    see now, this is SOOOOO much better than that deformed child-porn tom daley stuff that keeps creeping in here. SOOOO much better. gay or not, this man should be forced to surrender sperm so he could be bred repeatedly.

  • Carlos

    What a good looking couple, I wish them well!

  • Anne Noise

    I’d watch them fuck, for sure.

  • GB13

    He looks… cheesy.

  • knucklehead

    He’s extremely hot! Unfortunately I think he knows it.

  • Sammy

    They live in TOronto and are always looking to hook up with a third, so you do have a chance. He just has a huge ego, but who could blame him?

  • Sammy

    Name : David Hadley

  • lordy

    hot canuck

  • Thanks for all the great comments guys and girls and also the negative ones.
    People can be so negative eh?
    For the record I’ve never hid the fact that I’m a physical therapist and have corrected posts I’ve seen on many occasions that I am not a Doctor. I love my job and have actually posted tons of information about the work I do with cancer patients in the context of Physiotherapy – especially over the month of November – specifically for Movember. As a heads up, Physiotherapists do you stethoscopes – especially in a hospital setting – and stepping out over lunch and forgetting it’s in my back pocket does’t mean I want people to think I’m an MD or impress them, it just means I forgot it’s there. I have better things to do than pretend to be a doctor. On a personal note, it kinda bugs me when people have full discussion about me and my husband – mostly inaccurate – speaking opinions as if they are fact. It just feeds into the ongoing propagation of gossip and stereotypes that plague the gay community. Really appreciate the post and compliments though…. very flattered.

  • Matt

    Leave it to the gays to try and tear down anyone that feels good about themselves. Really guys, if you are that jealous of this man because of his looks, happiness, body, whatever, do something to better yourselves instead of trying to rip this guy apart. Leave the bitter at home.

  • Matt

    And yes, Dave you are incredibly handsome and so is the hubby! Canada=The Land of Eye Candy. LOL

  • skeeter121

    He looks Great in the first pic with the white…..enough said…..

  • skeeter121

    He looks Great in the first pic with the white t-shirt……enough said..

  • Sean

    The two should make a porno and post it on some website. Like gay tube or something.

  • DC

    Very very cute! Just wish I could go through Physio with him. Where is he from (what city?)… Hurtful comments don’t help anyone. Shame that people have to always cut others down

  • Warren

    Dave is one of the hottest guys I’ve seen. It’s cool that he left a message on here too. He seems really cool on top of being good looking! 🙂 Thanks for posting.

  • William Bennett
  • RupertBare


  • Fruit-for-Peace

    If I looked like him, I’d be a total whore! Use it while ya got it, because time/aging is just as unkind to the beautiful and the ugly. Yeah, I’d be a whore! Hee, hee. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Dave–both you and your husband are really hot. I have to say, my favorite of your facial hair patterns is the top one where you have a reverse goatee. Not many guys can pull that off, but it looks great on you.

    Now if only I had a reason to go for physiotherapy in Canada…

  • DoverDavid


  • John
  • ghostieTXX

    He’s soo sexy!! How tall is he?

  • Pretty!

  • Bob

    I find it pretty respectless what some of you on here are saying. To me, Dave looks (and sounds!) like an intelligent, caring, loving person with his brains and heart on the right place. Why some of you almost begrudge him having a (at first sight) loving relationship with another man, is beyond me. Must be teh internetz…

    That said: Dave, besides the fact that you look amazingly hot (love the fur!), I was dumbstruck with how much you look like me. I could easily be your (hairier) older brother and everyone would believe it! Wish I could send you a picture to proof it 🙂

    Great guy, looks good and appears to be happy. What more could you want?! And don’t defend yourself, Dave. There’s just no need.

    Greetz from the Netherlands!.

  • Ummm, wheel me into his emergency room – STAT!

    Proof body hair is coming back, as well as facial hair.

    Tired of the boys who are waxed + tanned better than my gorgeous (real) girlfriends!

    This? I’m moving to Canada. Socialized health, indeed!

  • JD

    Actually, Sammy, his name is Duke Bradley, his boyfriend, the one who’s not so attractive in the pictures, is Dave. That would be Duke’s boyfriend, or bitch. Whichever.

  • Harold

    Wow, you both are very attractive. I wish I was as fortunate and happy like you both are. Can’t land a man to save my soul. Wish you both the best.

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  • pervyguy

    oh my fucking God. and he’s a doctor? Doctor.. I have this hole in my ass…..

  • Peter

    As for saying “….the one who’s not so attractive in the pictures, is Dave.” That’s unnecessary and unkind…..and untrue. Did you mean less attractive? That may be true (to most people but not all) but then Duke is exceptionally good looking. They’re both hot and fit and they must enjoy great sex! Besides who are we to judge. I’d rather have a good looking nice, kind, loving guy than a gorgeous hunk that is shallow and not very giving.. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Irene

    Gross. I was searching for a physiotherapist near Toronto and this article comes up. I don’t know why ANYONE would want this guy to trust. My friend hangs out with the “current” boyfriend Steeve. These guys are a joke, Dave leaves his long time boyfriend for Steeve who was their “third” or their throuple buddy only to prey on two young blokes. This guy is a joke, I would never trust him professionally. He doesn’t have his love life on lock – sleeping around doesn’t make you lovable. My two scents.

    • Steven found his way into the bed of Dave and Luc and they were officially a triad for a while, just long enough to break them up and take Dave with him.

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