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PJ Brennan and Kieron Richardson Shirtless on GT Magazine

Here are 4 collectible covers of Gay Times (via Buzzfeed) featuring Chris Mears, Ashley McKenzie, Luke Campbell, Kieron Richardson and PJ Brennan shot by Dylan Rosser after being soaked in a tub of bronzer for a fortnight. First of all this is for charity so the following arguments are not valid. I mean, there’s airbrushing and there’s airbrushing. I’m not sure what to feel about the one with Kieron and PJ especially and this is where you come in. Also, who collects magazine covers anymore?

Gay Times Naked Issue 2013

Gay Times Naked Issue 2013

Gay Times Naked Issue 2013

Gay Times Naked Issue 2013

  • zizzybaloobah

    Ewww. These border on creepy. Ewww.

  • Bob E

    Now tell me again how these covers featuring tweaked anorexic chicken
    deserve a place on Squarehippes??

  • Jim

    Chris and Ashley work none of the others. Kieron and PJ are way to Mary for me!

  • Greg

    These would be PERFECT collectible covers for a web site like Bel Ami, or Corbin Fisher, or Twinks-R-Us, but not here. Ew, ew, ew, and… no.

  • sparks

    I was gonna say something snarky like, “What’s with all the pics of flat-chested women?” but that’d just be overkill wouldn’t it. 😉

  • Eric

    Uh, ew. None of those guys are even remotely attractive and as another said, they border on creepy. There is nothing sexy about any of that. Just gross.

  • Jeff

    strange, there was one guy who also had a photoshoot for this issue, and he is WAY more hot than any of the cover stars:

    WOOF!!! Nice to see a guy who doesn’t tan

  • Len

    Don’t you OLD GEEZERS have better things to do but bitch. This site isn’t called FAT HAIRY OLD FARTS! Chris and Luke are GORGEOUS!!! You old coots should get some prune juice and dentucreme and relax!

  • Boris

    Suddenly, I have this urge to eat some shrimps!

  • Just about all of them need to eat something on a daily basis!

  • Brian

    The wood paneling does give the whole thing a creepy pedo basement feel. The boys are pretty enough. I do agree the pale boy that Jeff posted a link to his pix is very handsome, and distinctive looking in a crowd of bronzed skinny boys. While I agree the collection could’ve used some more diversity in terms of looks, like a guy who looks like he eats three meals a day, all the guys on the covers are attractive.
    I wonder Square, what was your take on the pix of Kiernan and PJ? I am a Hollyoaks fan (I watch on youtube since I’m an American), and I am excited to see them get a prominant (and naked) cover, and I’m trying to track down a copy of the Kiernan/PJ cover. It’s noteworthy that though their relationship may be over, they were still an gay couple on tv played by two openly gay actors. That doesn’t happen all that often anywhere, and never in America.

  • michael

    ok, my skin officially just crawled. eeeew, more child porn.

  • Ruperbare


  • Jimburu

    Uhm…let me know when the have CoverMEN, please. These are rather…uhm…feminine.

  • REX

    The only ugly person here is the one in the comments who is insulting other SH readers. That being said, these boys are wearing lip gloss, and most of the readers here, no matter how old they are, don’t read this blog for boys in lip gloss, myself included.

  • pendorran

    For the love of God, why can’t some people just say that a particular model posted here isn’t their type, without getting all pissy about it? For example, referring to photos of Over 18 men as “child porn,”etc. Take it down a notch, ffs. Some people like beef, others life chicken, and some have flexible palates. To each his own. If I wanted hysterical moralizing I’d go to an evangelical tent revival or a meeting of the local Socialist Women’s Writer’s Collective. (I didn’t make that up)

  • SZK

    Chris Mears is pretty cute, but I feel like that photo doesn’t do him justice. I would be into Ashley McKenzie more if he weren’t so smooth.

  • Dan

    Strangely enough, on the inside of the magazine (which looks great on an iPad btw) there’s a lot more hairy guys inside of different builds and amounts of body hair. Dominic Thorburn (mentioned earilier) has an absolutely delicious set of pics, as do several others.

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