It’s Chris Mears’s Turn This Time

Chris Mears Shirtless

In case you don’t know, Tom Daley isn’t the only by product from last year’s Olympics. No, of course not. Here’s his fellow diver Chris Mears getting naked ass naked (knowing the Brits there’s probably NO peen socks involved what so ever) for Gay Times shot by photographer Dylan Rosser who put this on Twitter. Maybe he has a better publicist, but the boywhoring level seems acceptable. The naked issue will be out tomorrow and it’s in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust (naturally).

Chris Mears Shirtless

Chris Mears Shirtless

Chris Mears Shirtless

  • Len

    I like him AND Tom Daley. The old goats of this site can have the bald chap!

  • A bit more interesting of Tom Daley, that I don’t like very much!:)

  • Ruperbare

    HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!

  • michael

    he still looks typically gay clone like daley. this one at least has a normal size head and doesnt resemble a horse

  • Michael

    I pity this person “michael” who thinks Tom Daley resembles a horse. Buy you some eyeglasses. Tom is a handsome young man and an athlete who isn’t sitting on his butt judging people but doing something with his life, something positive and respectful. By the way, what is a typical “gay clone”? Sounds more like some sourpuss who is jealous of youth. Oh, Chris Mears is equally handsome as Tom Daley! Love the pics.

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  • Todd R

    very atractive

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