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Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

You know why 2013 feels very empty so far? Yes, it’s because we haven’t been blessed by the beauty of the beautifulest male of all time, Matt Bomer. The logical part of my brain (about 0.5%) is saying nooo do not let those pervs exploit you anymore (in a very maternal tone) but a guest role in “The New Normal” exploiting most of his talent isn’t half as bad. I’ll just let the caps do the talking.

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

  • Redboy70

    I get that Bomer has a hot body and a cute face and an adorable family. Is there anything else? Talent?

  • RupertBare

    Is it just another cute guy??????? VERY boring!!!!!!!!! WHERE are the peope with true TALENT????????

  • Mark

    Cookie cutter Ken doll. Zzzz.

  • joe johannasson

    in person, he is a real fem – I have no clue how Hollywood didn’t know he was a big GIRL for so long!!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Maybe Bomer has a big boner… nah!

  • sparks

    He is just so pretty!!! My taste usually does run towards scruffy and fuzzy but Matt Bomer does all sorts of things for my dangly parts..

  • buckyboy72

    need someone to take care of your dangly parts????

  • Len

    He is GORGEOUS too!

  • Len

    Now for something serious. There is no real talent in Hollywood anymore. In England, yes, here, no!

  • Will

    Being overexposed is not a good thing doesn’t matter how beautiful you are.When you have caviar everyday,it is not special anymore.Look at David Beckham,I don’t feel a damn thing looking at his half-naked body anymore.

  • Mallory

    Seen Matt in stuff and no he isn’t the best actor in the world. But it is rare [though possible] to be a terrific actor, and gorgeous. He is pretty like a ken doll. This is why I am sure always found him pretty, beautiful even, but not very sexy. No je nais se quoi, all beauty. A little boring

  • Andrew

    Matt is Gorgeous, talented, sexy, and above all classy. Now, he’s a model. You can count actors in show business with that combination of attributes on one hand. The jealous gay gene is so rampant in our community. We finally have an out gay actor who is a sex symbol to millions of straight women and gay men alike, a first, and people stretch to find fault. Few in this man.

    @Joe J – sorry, wrong! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice and quite masculine acting. Maybe you confuse elegance with fem? Big difference.

  • rtj

    this guy is smoking hot obviously. i think he is a very good actor. he does comedy and drama well and his neal caffrey is one of the few tv characters where you could never imagine another actor doing it justice. sex on a stick to boot.

  • Miles

    @Andrew “Matt is gorgeous,talented,sexy and above all classy.”
    Yes he is gorgeous but he is not talented!Sexy yes but classy NO!A classy man would never wear a thong and dancing half naked in a movie about male strippers period!
    “The jealous gay gene is so rampant in our community.”
    Just because people are talking certain obvious things about him doesn’t mean we are jealous of him!He is still one of the most beautiful men in the world.
    “We finally have an out gay actor who is a sex symbol to millions of straight women.”
    He is not a sex symbol to millions of straight women once they’ve found out he’s gay and they will never have a chance to get into his pants.It is the ultimate fantasy killer for straight women!It is one of the reasons why the people behind Fifty Shades of Grey were hesitant to cast him as Christian Grey in the first place.It’s hard to explain why but most straight women are having a hard time to fantasize about gay man doesn’t matter how cute he is.

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  • R’s better half

    @Miles – wow, angry, axe to grind? You must not read blogs, tumblrs. etc. There are entire fan pages, Tumblrs, Face Book pages, etc. full of women and gay male comments fully acknowledging his orientation and screaming about how sexy he is and he should be CG. Google is your friend.

    “Not Classy” – it’s called acting in a role. It’s good to seperate film from reality when speaking about the famous.

    “He is not talented” – it is purely subjective but you have never seen his show apparently. He is also in the process of filming 4 movies on his hiatus, so someone must think he is, LOL

  • Ron

    Sorry — Bomer does nothing for me — a musical-theater kid who slept his way into tv…disappeared into the background in Magic Mike, and wasn’t very good on his own show, White Collar…aging pretty-boy

    reminds me of the line from Gypsy — having no talent is no longer enough…

  • Doug MCFly

    Matt had two TV series and 2 movies which he earned with talent before he met his partner. His best scenes in Magic Mike were cut along with Joe and Adams because they were superior to Chans, you can see on DVD. Critics love him on WC. Big talented star rising.

  • Getz

    Love him! So glad this talented hottie has become a role model for gay and straight people alike!

  • Jane Roberts

    my husband! want to fuck him so bad

  • Gordon

    What a bunch of morons!Seriously,he is beautiful and highly fuckable but he is NOT TALENTED!People who think he is talented are horny and stupid!I am horny too and that’s why I am here but I am not stupid enough to say he is talented!Don’t pull”it’s a subjective”crap with me!!You guys won’t say he is talented if he’s ugly!

  • Jason’s reality check

    Gordon – you sound old and jealous. I think his appeal is generational, the old guys don’t seem to like him, maybe because he’s 35, looks 25 and is quite talented. So nice there is an actor who sets the bar for how one should act in life. For those that won’t admit his acting stature, you should probably ignore posts on him. Bad news though, there will be more and more on this exceptional dude. Major bonus he is on our team – what a coup for our side!

  • Proctor

    The negative comments are hysterical.Matt is a good actor.I’ve never seen a bad review of anything he has done.Me thinks the comments are really medicore actor fanboys or worse fangirls of Ian Somerhalder or little Zac Ef who can’t act their way out of a paper bag let alone look as hot as the bomer.Lighten up boys.

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