Oh Hai There, Jamie Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp Shirtless in Barbados

Remember when the sight of a shirtless David Beckham used to give you the tingles down there? I get the same feeling looking at these shots of Jamie Redknapp in Barbados via Splash. I’m all for hirsute men but this one deserves a long bath. With my tongue.

  • Rupertbare

    Well I hate to disappoint any of you who expect a brain to come to bed as well, because in this case, zilch!!!!!! PLUS you should see the state of his father, UGLYYYYYYY UGLYYYYYY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruperbare

    Ain’t it a shame, that he has no brain, also if he gets his looks from his father, in older age UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hairy legs and pits make up for the hairless chest

  • Mallory

    Completely agree with Square. Nice stuff.

  • Boris

    Another compulsive waxer…

  • RobBear

    WOW @Rupertbare you really are a vicious and bitter queen aren’t you!
    You can’t appreciate a hot guy for being a hot guy? Are you that twisted and jealous of the world that you’ve got to insult the guy? What’s his brain got to do with it or how his father looks? Rupertbare, you can barely string a clear sentence together so you’re not in a position to judge someone’s intellect, and as for looks I imagine you’ve covered all the mirrors in your house as you’re hideous inside and out.
    I’ve met Jamie a few times through work and he’s genuine, polite and very down to earth, and I know for a fact that he doesn’t wax, he’s naturally smooth but what’s the point in tell you bunch of snide old dears.

    Get back to crying abut how you’re single, alone and bitter

  • Gino

    He is cute but he does nothing for me.

  • Martymoose

    I have a feeling he shaves/waxes.

  • michael

    well, hey, that works for me. so does his little friend…

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