This Needs to Happen More Often

Josh Brolin on The Daily Show

This came from our reader Whistler, who captured Josh Brolin’s non-hirsute chest from “The Daily Show” on his iPod. Obviously I’m giving you a different version here instead, but the point is if this is the result, Jon Stewart should ask every hot male guest about their hirsute-ness every single time from this point on.

Here’s what Whistler has to say:

Shot off screen with my iPod, last night I captured the awesome looking Josh Brolin giving us a peek at his chest. Yes, right there in the interview. It’s not every day you get a gift like this, with your comedy/news.

Jon Stewart was asking him about facial hair decisions for characters, and that led to asking about chest hair, as it does. Brolin, “wanna see?” Audience, cheers.

I liked the guy for being an amazing actor, and a Goonie, but now it’s upgraded to a bit of a man crush.


Josh Brolin on The Daily Show

Josh Brolin on The Daily Show

Josh Brolin on The Daily Show

  • Eric

    Not really my taste because I like hairy men, but good lord, all I want to do is suck those nipples!!!

  • Anne Noise

    Wish Jon would’ve shown off too.

  • Bro

    Oh. My. God.

  • Boris

    It would have been better if the guy, whoever he is, was not so addicted to wax…

  • Mark

    Wow those red nipples!

  • Hairy chest is always better but … love the nipples!

  • Brody

    To me, Josh is one of those guys that looks like he should have chest hair (same with Joe Manganiello) and if he didn’t insist otherwise, I’d assume he’d shaved it. Anyway, he’s one of the best looking guys in Hollywood, but damn he would look even better with a hairy chest.

  • Jack

    No one has commented on how homoerotic this entire interview was: Stewart talking about sniffing butts – twice, Josh getting on his knees saying, “Does it make you more comfortable if I talk to you like this?” with his hands behind his back. “We’re on J-date.” Jon knows the term ‘Otter’. “Your butt smells nice.”
    Josh is so rugged looking. He certainly does look as if he would have a hairy chest. But it is all natural, no waxing. His father’s chest is also as smooth as glass. I had a crush on him too.

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