Wake-up Call

Alexander Ludwig Shirtless

This frosty morning is brought to you by the new-ish manwhore on block – Alexander Ludwig warming his nipples out in Hawaii via Dlisted. I’m not sure how I feel about this since every time I see his face I’m being reminded of the annoying brat in “The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising” (and that was in 2000 bloody 7 – pass me my walker, dear). Obviously “The Hunger Games” fame hasn’t worn of that hot Canadian body of his but there is no reason Alex should ever hide that from the masses.

  • Mallory

    Oh God yes. I liked him since way back. Good to see you’re aware of him too Square. One of my favorites. Glad he hasnt gotten too super super popular but that is selfishness on my part. He ought to become wildly famous.

  • Mark

    Great body but his face is just average. 🙁

  • Carlos

    Guys like that should just walk around naked!

  • Mark

    Wow. I’m not big on smooth chests, but this guy is hot! (My BF says I have a thing for blonds, so maybe that’s part of it.)

  • Len

    He is GORGEOUS!!!

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  • Joe

    you can see the outline of his peen in the last pic…v. nice.

  • homuncullus

    This guy is delicious!!!

  • Milton

    (Milton can’t talk right now,as he’s busy picking his jaw up from the floor, More proof that the Canadians are running a eugenics program to produce perfect males.)

  • Kenny

    mmmmm mmmm good would love to have him. and do him also.

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