Wake-up Call / Palate Cleanser

Connor Barwin

If you feel like you’ve been stuffed with too many Twinkies lately (my fault – I know), then this post would totally clean your palate out. There is enough meat on Texan NFL linebacker Connor Barwin to be devoured by everyone here including seconds so um, devour away  – that is with your eyeballs please, not literally because we are all a bunch of very civilized savages here. If you’re into stalking AND on Instagram, you can follow his ass here and pretend that you know him from somewhere.

Connor Barwin

Connor Barwin Shirtless

Connor Barwin

Connor Barwin

I think we all can forgive him for doing this, can’t we?

Connor Barwin

  • Bob E

    Now that’s more like it Square! Especially the pic of him under the
    bear head. He knows he’s a bear.

  • Gemini

    Much gratitude… mmm… 🙂

  • Mike D

    Why are things always bigger in Texas?
    What a hunk of a MAN………Wow!

  • Sammy

    This is what I want to see. Stop with all the disgusting looking twinks (who often look underage by the way) ;P

  • Mario

    I agree with Sammy…..and Mike D and Gemini and Bob E.

  • Donn

    I see he hangs to the left

  • Len

    The Chicken guy was way hotter. My you old fat farts like your men BIG and hairy! Go to the forests of America. Lots of grizzly bears down there!

  • Len

    The Chicken man is hotter. You old,fat farts seem to like your men to look like Grizzly Adams, I DON’T. Bears are best left in the woods!

  • brian

    To find more hairy hotness, check out David Sutcliff on CBC Television’s crime show: Cracked. Yummy.

  • rodthehorny

    That’s what I call a real beef. I want a taste of that please :))

  • Omar

    This did things to me that haven’t been done in a while! He is such a freakin’ stud.

  • alejandro

    Thank you, Square…thank you. A decent post in a recent sea of flotsam and jetsam (twinkdom). Please keep up the momentum.

  • ZurichMike

    Yes! Finally a real “man’s man” and not some fragile littly boy.

  • Mike

    Finally, a real “man’s man” and not a fragile little poofy twink.

  • Ruperbare


  • Bob

    Well I’ll take variety. Nothing wrong with a young guy not covered in hair, if it’s natural. If a had my pick of guys in this post it would be the one in the Nike shirt!

  • DoverDavid

    I give him my Hot Buttered Yum award. Thanks for sharing.

  • hotrod23

    Guy in the Nike shirt is JJ Watt…we should see him here too! Connor is a stud though!

  • babyboy

    Keep the hot men like this “CUMMING” like meat on my bones.

  • chuck

    Uhh…his hair is kinda douchey, and that’s a deal breaker.

  • That’s some man candy!

  • bo_s


  • dickey

    omg finally!!!!!!! connor is and has been my all time favorite piece of man. hes just BIG….mmmmmmmmm thanks for the eye candy… could i get a mop tho…im drooling everywhere

  • E_riki

    He also has a gay brother!

  • Fox

    I’ve found some good qualities pictures on his Yfrog account.
    Like this one:

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