Justin Bieber Shirtless

Here I am enjoying my Sunday morning quietly when this popped out on screen. There’s a lot of boywhores in North America but nothing can beat the whoriness of Justin Bieber. This shot was taken in Manchester where hordes of suicidal One Direction fans who can’t get tickets to their tour gather to the next best thing, and that’s only because Tom Daley doesn’t sing.

Also some caps of his recent boywhoring on Saturday Night Live. Please say you’ll still come back to this joint after this!

Justin Bieber Shirtless

  • Boris

    He is not THAT bad looking, but he is WAAAAAAYYYYYYY overated, and the tattoos are unfortunate….


    He may be a Boy Whore, but I can say with certainty that he is a twink. Let the screaming girls at him.

  • pcd


  • Robert

    Justin can’t compare to the sweetness of Tom Daley. Tom Daley is way ahead of him in personality, looks and being so honest.

  • Bill

    He still looks feminine to me.Muscles and tattoos can’t change that pretty face of his.I bet he smells like a girl too!Lol!!

  • mt

    What a little non talent waste of O2. Just goes to show little girls have no taste what-so-ever. And the stories coming out of him being a big douche-bag makes him even less appealing.

  • Eric

    Ew, there is nothing attractive about him at all. Those tattoos look awful. Tattoos can look good, sexy even, if they are placed correctly, but his tattoos are just randomly placed all over. They don’t “flow” at all. Not to mention they are of stupid things anyways. His “abs” that he is constantly showing off aren’t impressive. He has absolutely no muscle. His sagging makes him look even worse. Sagging isn’t “in” anymore. For someone who is as young as him, he should know that. Ugh, this kid annoys me. He really isn’t attractive in the least.

  • SZK

    He’s a handsome young guy with a lot of real musical talent, but he’s not my type physically. Too skinny and too smooth.

  • Autechre

    Real musical talent? Are you insane???

  • JL

    Pre-pubescent girls should still wear a halter top of some sort.

    SHe’s going to be an ugly woman when sHe finally matures.

  • Arthur in the Raleigh

    Spiraling down fast………

  • k

    Bieber? Really? Fuckin BIEBER?

    Fella, get into rehab, now. You’ve got a budding twink sickness, and it’s hard up. You’re not even posting cute twinks.

    I mean your Daley infatuation, whatever. He’s more blah than a piece of wonderbread but senior citizens the world over have decided he’s the hottest thing in history, so I guess it’s inevitable that their delusion would trickle down a couple generations.

    But COME. ON.


    He’s a passable lesbian, but he has no place on a site purportedly about men. Get your ass to the phone. Call Betty Ford. Now.

  • Chris Letrom

    He has a great ass.

  • michael

    sorry, im not a fan of the beaver.

  • michael

    beaver and daley, whats up with this “horse head” thing they got going on? mutation? radiation?

  • frank baugh

    Lol @ he has absolutely no muscle. Someone needs to get their eyes checked.

  • Leo

    Come on! You all should know that he does not bulked up because Justin wants to cater to his main audience — tween girls. I’m sure in a few years when the young girls will get tired of him, he will grow more muscles. His dad was quite hot in his 20s. I’m sure Justin will be too.

  • GR

    Yuck…there will NEVER be enough alcohol or coffee in the world to make me think he is hot. I can’t STAND the pisher, whether he continues to be famous or a chick magnet or even a twinky boy. Give me the churro making, pasta making chef anytime!

  • joey

    I want him so bad! I want to “please” him!

  • fofml

    He looks like a lesbian

  • Phil

    Ok the ‘boy’ is cute(sorry)…But really he doesn’t even know how to pull his pants up…I might like to look at boys-but give me a GROWN man any day….I want’s me some fur-I’m just sayin’…

  • David f

    He’s a bad cartoon character at best…

  • John

    I’ll give Justin credit for lean abs, but that is about it. The tatts are horrible, and he’s so skinny he looks as though he would blow over in a stiff breeze. Basically I consider it a waste of time and valuable Sq. H. space to pay any attention to him whatsoever.

  • JD

    Shouldn’t that “headline” caption read EEEWWW! or UUGGGH! … ? Would be much more fitting if it did. Wouldn’t suck his dick if it were hanging between Ryan Gosling’s legs!

  • Ter

    Meh, I’ve seen worse

  • Justin Bieber needs to grow up and get rid of his stupid Tattoo all over his body.

  • Jscl

    They aren’t muscles. My 8 year old cousin has a better 6 pack than that!
    Now, back to the real men…

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