I Guess Backward Baseball Caps Are Back in Fashion Now

Tim McGraw Shirtless in People Magazine

Remember the time when Faith Hill was blessed by the sexy fairy and showed it off in “Breathe”? Well, this is something like that but with her husband Tim McGraw. I mean, damn. I’ve always lusted over this fine piece but obviously his personal trainer pushed him a little too hard for the new album release so naturally the only thing to do is a shirtless photo shoot for People magazine. Of fucking course. I’m all for hot men to get fitter but he looks like he could do with a few bites of the Double Down or at least even a bowl of Sketti. This is for Thomas who requested this!

Tim McGraw Shirtless in People Magazine

Tim McGraw Shirtless in People Magazine

Tim McGraw Shirtless in People Magazine

  • Great body!

  • Paul

    I always thought he was sexy as fuck, however, I wish he would let his chest hair grow back. He used to have one of the finest furry chests around.

  • Stuart

    Shameless manwhoring should never be discouraged.

  • sparks

    When I see a middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap the very first thing that pops into my mind is “hiding baldness or a receding hairline.”

  • Mark

    How sad that he’s trimmed to within a half-inch of his life (one hopes not everywhere … or every thing). His hairy chest was always Tim McGraw’s sexiest feature.

  • michael

    WOW. now, lets review. this or tom daley. this or tom daley. uhh, i think ill take this any day and twice on sunday.
    very good choice square.

  • Brody

    Hot. But yes, would definitely be improved if he didn’t shave/trim his chest.

  • lucky b

    with 45 hes hawt as f*ck!!!

  • Bob

    Him or Tom Daley??? Why not both!

  • Boris

    He was WAY more handsome when he was naturally hairy… and he looks older when waxed like that!!

  • JD

    I respect him for getting his life in order and all that, but Tim, honey, you’re 45, not 25. It’s OK looking on him and I’m sure he’s a much better fuck than he was before, but we all still know that hairline has receded to gone, and we know you probably are compensating for an average white guy penis — but that’s ok. Some of us would still bend over for you. Stop shaving, put on a few of the pounds you chased off and you’ll be a damn fine looking 45 year old man.

  • Len

    Paul- Smooth is SUPERIOR to fur. Fur looks better on my cat!
    Michael- I want BOTH!
    Tim McGraw is gorgeous! And as for JD, if you really want the man of your dreams, go to the Kensington or Port Richmond section of Philly in Summer. You’ll have a heart attack.

  • DoverDavid

    Gross shaved waxed fruit.

  • Eric

    Damn, Tim is fine as fuck! Oh what I wouldn’t give to have him for one night! The things I would do!!!! I wish he would STOP shaving his chest. Hairy is the only way to go!

  • woof

    That’s actually the hairiest I’ve seen him in quite a long while.. he’s been completely smooth for several years since he started getting fitter and it was such a disappoint to see. Kenny Chesney did the same thing when he trimmed down, he used to be so hot furry and chunkier. Apparently I have a thing for beefy hairy country guys..

  • Myles

    Definitely a lot better than David Beckham.Faith Hill is one lucky bitch!Lol!

  • Warren

    I’ve loved Tim McGraw since 1994, and to me his hairy chest was always his best feature. I’ve been bummed to see him wax it/shave it the last few years.

  • Larry Mullins

    Every statement above, are my complaints exactly. The chest hair who the hell convinced him that was a good idea. And getting ripped is also fine. But not to the point you look anorexic. Which is exactly what he looks like, now. The first few photos I so of him after this “do over” I thought he was terminally ill. Facial skin waxy looking and just drawn over his face. I think he’s had a mid life crisis of some sort. Always been a fan of Tim’s. Thought he was just the HOTTEST man ever. Not now. Somebody needs to tell him he needs a few quarter pounders.

  • l

    Are any of these commenters female? This guy is hot!, He is far from being too lean or too clean. Congratulations to him for his discipline and example. What a sweet heart.

  • Jeff

    I was so tempted to buy this issue of People just for these pictures, but I knew Square would pull through!

  • eagander

    I bet he turns himself on!

  • Phil

    I fined the ‘manscaped’ look somewhat hot!!!…

  • Phil

    I find the ‘manscaped’ look somewhat hot…

  • Phil

    Sorry didn’t mean to double post-my pc’s acting up; it is after all a ‘rebelious’ teenager(13 years old)-LOL…

  • Len

    I, no they aren’t female. They are just a bunch of catty,bitchy, JEALOUS, fat middle aged geezers! Unless it looks like them, they have massive HISSY-FITS!

  • KarmaLysing

    Is it just me, or is he looking a lot like Sean Patrick Flanery’s equally-hot older brother, these days?

  • KarmaLysing

    Oh, and btw, Len, I’m female. My avatar kind of says it all.

  • Vlaovik

    He looks great! I liked him a little beefier but sheesh that’s fine! Looks slightly tooled though and fur is always better.

  • Vlaovik

    He looks great! I liked him a little beefier but sheesh that’s fine! Looks slightly botoxed though and fur is always better.

  • Len

    Sure Valovik, on a cat or your dog!

  • tarc

    So, when he grows his chest hair back, Tim’ll be officially hot. 🙂 (And Daley is a child; yes, he’s 18, and in clothing, he looks 14. Daley’s a zero on the sexy scale if you’re over 26.)

  • ESA

    Yeah, he’s looking spectacularly hot, but you know he’s a real bitch around o’hungry-thirty every day now. I say have some of that dulce de leche-stuffed churro gettin’ served up by naked sugartits the chef and just get over it.

  • John

    Tim is so fucking hot. Getting better with age. Love the nips, want to suck them. Very talented and all around nice guy, showed that on “who do you think you are”

  • John

    one hot fuck, and he can fuck me anytime.

  • Stephen

    Tim has always been one of the hottest country singers around. I also feel that his hairy chest was his best feature. I wish he would let his hair grow back naturally. Some guys shave their chests as they get older because the hair begins to turn grey. What a shame!

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