More Fur in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

This morning is brought to you by more furriness in “Elementary” courtesy of always unshaved Jonny Lee Miller capped by Superherofan. As per usual, my only complaint is the bloody lighting. Not talking about operation theatre standard here, but a little more illumination needed to fully appreciate the beauty of the piece of art that is Jonny’s chest. Think Van Gogh’s “De sterrennacht“.

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

  • Boris

    The reason behing this guy ever wearing a shirt eludes me!

  • Anne Noise

    Love him, he needs to be shirtless as often as possible.

  • Eric

    Damn, he is so fine! He should be shirtless 24/7. Period. And really, I love love love love love his chest hair pattern! It is sooo hot!


  • Phil

    JL is like one of the hottest um uncoventionly best lookin’ men ever…Not model good lookin’-nor ‘boy next store’ but he ‘captures’ both those looks…I so want to um lick his um ‘Watson'(or his Moriarty-as the case may me-LOL)…And again he has that ‘trimed’ fur look…

  • Bob E

    JL is, was and always will be HOT. And he’s got an actual brain and knows
    how to use it too.

  • DoverDavid

    Love both the show n the chest fur.

  • Stephen

    Great show and great chest hair. Have loved his chest since the first time I saw him with his shirt off. HOT!

  • Trish

    my goodness THE THIRD PIC WITH HIS LEGS OPEN LIKE THAT!!!! oh boy! i’m so horny for him! that scene is amazing!!!! I wanted to see more! when the prostitutes touched his legs and chest!!!! ohhhh, I needed a cold shower ASAP!!!! even now! That scene is indeed HOT! ….. and when they handcuffed him??? oh damn!!!! i can’t take this anymore… i need to stop! this is really turning me on! He’s awesome! LOVE HIM!

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