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Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

I could post a dozen pictures of the man of all my dreams Phil Spencer, but to keep it friendly to the general public taste here are some publicity shots of Matt Bomer from the best episode of “The New Normal” ever (since Justin Bartha is NEVER going to take his shirt off no matter how hard I prayed to NBC gods). Follicle hotness will return soon, so put your pitchforks back in the shed because ain’t nobody got time for that!

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

  • I like my fuzzy guys almost as much as anyone but Bomer is my exception to the rule. He’s gorgeous. I could look at him all day, with as much or little body hair as he’s sporting at the moment.

  • mt

    He’s a NICE looking guy, but that’s about it for me. He’s not even on my top 10 list.

  • Eric

    While I don’t find smooth guys attractive at all (like not even in the least!!), Matt Bomer is the exception. He is so fucking sexy it’s not even funny. I don’t care how little body hair he has, I wouldn’t kick his sexy ass out of bed for nothing…. well, maybe not true because I prefer a hairy guy, but still. lol Damn, he is hot!

  • levitt

    just imagine lots of lube and slipping back and fro on that frictionless surface

  • Brian Logan

    Jayson Blair had his shirt off on last week’s episode!

  • Christopher

    i have always been a big Matt

  • Christopher

    opps!!! i clicked on submit by mistake. what i wanted to say
    was this-

    i have been a big Matt b

  • Christopher

    i think my computer is possessed. 😉

    so here i go again. i have been a big Matt B. devotee since
    i 1st encountered him in 2006’s The Texas Chainsaw
    Massacre: The Beginning. my point being simple- unlike
    other lucious masculine prettyboy actors of his peer group
    who “shave” Matt to the best of my recollection has at best
    the minutest amount of chest hair. so that even if he doesn’t
    shave said minutest amount of chest hair it may not be
    discernable unless you staring right at his bare chest.

  • Kelse

    Bomer is the compete package. Talent, white hot looks, intellect, class and role model. Been a fan since Traveller. Can’t wait for his new movies to hit the screens.

  • How can you not like this guy? Looks, talent, smarts all in one package. Looking forward to seeing what he does in “The Normal Heart.”

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  • David

    Yeah he is fun to gaze at but fur on him would be much better.

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