Patrick Wilson in Girls

Patrick Wilson Shirtless in Girls

That title… I can’t do anything about it. Anyways, did you know that it is actually illegal in all 50 states to cast Patrick Wilson and not get his shirt off on screen? That’s a fact (okay, I wish). First of all it’s good to know that this piece of perfection is still actively working and second of all hats and panties off to the producer of HBO’s “Girls” on a very successful skin exploitation in his debut episode. Also, I’m not sure what Patrick will look like in 20 years but is it just me or he seems to have NEVER CHANGE. Maybe Patrick Wilson was born with that face and it will stay with him forever? Not complaining, obviously.

Patrick Wilson Shirtless in Girls

Patrick Wilson Shirtless in Girls

Patrick Wilson Shirtless in Girls

Patrick Wilson Shirtless in Girls

Patrick Wilson Shirtless in Girls

  • Chris

    That 1950’s body shape is so freakin’ sexy!!It’s so rare to see this type of body in Hollywood these days.Plus, he has a pair of suckable nips just like most of male stars back in those days.

  • pcd

    wow!!! too bad he didn’t give us a nude scene… oh that perfect ass of his *drool*

  • Christopher

    Patrick W. certainly looks hunkalicious in these pics.
    whenever an actor has been in the biz for a decent
    number of years and in the attractiveness of his face
    and physique just doesn’t seem to age people will of
    course gossip about whether said eternally sexy looks
    were “helped” along. all i know is i have a cousin who
    just turned 39 and God’s honest truth could pass for a
    senior in high school.

  • Mallory

    I love Patrick. He’s handsome, talented, he can act, sing, plus he’s sexy too. What’s not to like? I’ll always have a major crush on him.

  • Eric

    He is a cute guy, but he isn’t furry enough for my taste. I like my men covered in body hair! However, I definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed for nothing!

  • Anne Noise

    I love Girls, I love Patrick Wilson. Thank Glob Lena Dunham is an equal opportunity nudist.

  • hipsdontlie

    What does 1950´ type of body mean?

  • Paul

    Patrick has always been in my top ten “to do” list

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