Shayne Ward Has the Right Attitude

Shayne Ward Shirtless on Attitude

Not sure whether this is a response to the waxtastic GayTimes collectible mess, but I think we all can breathe two sighs of relief after seeing Shayne Ward with his fur back on the cover of Attitude‘s March “naked” issue. The word “naked” is thrown around a lot these days – I just wish that it takes a literal meaning for once. This post contains side buttocks so be warned if your workplace has anything against firm side asses. More pictures in the magazine, of fucking course.

Shayne Ward Shirtless on Attitude Magazine

Bonus recent (I hope) shot by Fabulous magazine – you know, the wonderfully shameless people who brought us this and this.

Shayne Ward Shirtless on Fabulous Magazine

  • Greg

    Yet another reason to hop the pond and take up residency in merry old England! Woof!

  • knucklehead

    Hot man! Got on iTunes…. his music is awful!

  • I think he’s dreamy and even moreso with his natural unshaved torso.

  • Phil

    I LOVE pics that leave um something to the ‘imagination’-but then that’s just me…What a beautiful man…I guess I’m a lot older than most of the fans of this site…Also I don’t mind the ‘tats’…

  • Phil

    I LOVES me a pic that leaves something to the ‘imagination…I guess that ‘dates’ me…I know I’m alot older than most of the fans of this site…

  • Phil

    Almost a double post sorry-I really don’t mean to do that…I likes me a few ‘tats’ on my men…But as much as I ‘lust’ over Beckham(unrelated to this post I know)he has just way too many…

  • Phil

    Beckham I mean not Shayne…

  • Bob E

    Another clone with the “Lucas Entertainment look”, nips too close together.

  • Love him

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