Wake-up Call

David Sutcliffe Shirtless in Cracked

Or in this case, STAY IN BED call! It’s yucky and awful and absolutely disgusting where I am this morning – so if you already have a hot hairy piece like David Sutcliffe in your bed – turn the alarm off, put the handcuffs on so he couldn’t escape to work and start launching an offensive from your direction of choice. These are from “Cracked” capped by my numero uno contributor Jair – and yes, again the lighting here is the enemy although the backlight does beautifully highlight the density of his magical chest foliage.

David Sutcliffe Shirtless in Cracked

David Sutcliffe Shirtless in Cracked

  • Eric

    Holy fuck, that chest hair is unbelievably amazing! I just want to cuddle up with that furry man! Love him and love his hairy body!

  • http://www.arthur-in-the-garden.com Arthur in the Garden!


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