Why Instagram Was Invented


You know, things like Twitter and Instagram were invented for people like Duncan James from Blue. Hell, maybe they were invented exclusively for him in the first place and other people are just tagging along. He probably lives on compliments and protein shakes! I’ve seen a lot of narcissism in my lifetime but Duncan James has to be way up there with the rest of the duckfaces. He might have a massive erection looking at himself at the mirror, but can you really blame him?

Duncan James Shirtless

Duncan James Shirtless

Duncan James Shirtless

Duncan James Shirtless

Duncan James Shirtless

  • Bob E

    Don’t miss his new line of designer wifebeaters for when, you know, you want to beat your wife, or that bitch who thinks she’s your girlfriend. Oh, and let him show you the last graduation certificate he got in school, you know, the one from 7th grade. And for gosh sakes don’t miss one episode of his latest reality show: “Welcome to White Trash Estates” Awwwww, you know I’m just kidding around don’t you guys?

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    One word comes to mind when I see people that are so in love with themselves like this guy – narcissist. That being said, it’s obvious he put in a LOT of work to look like he does, so congrats to him on that. I hope he works on exercising his brain as much as he does his body. A well exercised brain is WAY more sexy, in my opinion. 😉

  • ToddHH

    who is this hairy guy next to him?

  • michael

    and who is duncan james anywya? and who’s the furry guy NEXT to him? and yeah, i think he more than puts the trash in white. but hell, he is beautiful. he should be forced to breed.

  • Tom

    These guys look like thugs and they’re not worthy of this page.

  • szoszo

    I don’t think I have seen so many disgusting comments under one post on this page before. I usually hate it when someone comes and preaches about decency on this site but really, “forced to breed?” Are you people out of your minds? Is this man being bashed to pieces, insinuating that he’s down there with the scum of the earth because he likes to take pictures of himself? He’s a british pop star for the love of god. How else is he supposed to act? All he has to do is look good and croon on a shitty CD every 5 years. And he’s damn well good at it. I’m not saying that we should give him a medal for that but your bitter shriveled up a-holes are taking it way too far this time.

  • JD

    Duncan Who? Why do I care and why should I? Looks like a total douche-bag. And probably is one.

    Oh, and PS – @szoszo – Blah blah blah – nobody cares. You’re in a major minority on this one and that just proves even MORE SO as to what a douche the guy is. Have a nice day now, ya heah?

  • Mark

    Yes it’s obvious he is a narcissistic guy but who cares he’s hot and if I can fuck him I’ll ignore that!It is as the same as when you look at guys with super hot girlfriends with bitchy attitude!Why are they staying?!It’s because those girls are fuck worthy more than anything else!!As a young guy,that’s enough for me now as long as I get to play with his body later at night!Duncan James is definitely hot enough for me to stand his shenanigans! 🙂

  • Chad
  • A little gay!!

  • Andy

    @ szoszo He doesn’t really come off as a douchebag in the article, just a normal guy. People’s nasty comments always say more about them that they do about the person they are criticizing so I wouldn’t get too upset about it. I’m just here to look at the pictures 🙂

  • GB13

    Yeah, this guy’s pretty much the worst thing ever. Duckface and all.

  • jeep_driver

    when the comment poster said “he should be forced to breed” or whatever, i thought that was a compliment. i think that @szoszo completely misread the intention behind the original message

  • rob

    i dont know which blue member i love the most. him or lee ryan. hahaha. but man, this body. wow.

  • DoverDavid


  • Phil

    OK love the bod…But HATE the ‘tude that goes with it…Youth is SO wasted on the young…

  • Phil

    Though you can see from the ‘roids’ he’s takin, there isn’t a whole lot swingin’ down under-I’m just sayin’…

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  • Ana Valquíria

    Seu bando de imbecis! Vão procurar fazer alguma coisa, estudar! Ao invés de fic ar contemplando pessoas que nem sabem que vocês existem, pessoas que não vão lhe dar nada! Bando de idiotas parem com isso!! Otários! Esse site ridículo de quinta categoria!!

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