Why Photoshop Was Invented

Jon Hamm

This is old news, but you already knew that. Here’s Jon Hamm admiring MY portrait which has been photoshopped with Tony Danza’s picture (because you bitches can’t handle my beauty) tweeted by comedian Doug Benson last week. I mean, this is the face he makes when the plumbing is sorted and I should know that because he’s mah husband. Duh. Feel free to re-shop that with whatever you fancy, because this here is why Photoshop was invented in the first place.

Jon Hamm with Tony Danza

  • Garule

    Looks strangely like Michael Musto.

  • Garule

    He looks strangely like Michael Musto with that expression.

  • Mark

    Tony Danza was so hot when he was younger!I still remember there were tons of shirtless scenes of him in Who’s The Boss.The good ol’ 80’s,it’s the beginning of an exploitation era for men in the media. 🙂

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