A Friendly Reminder

Tom Daley's Hairy Thighs

Tom Daley and his hairy thighs would like to remind you that they still exist and not just for the Olympics, okay? Thank you.

Tom Daley Shirtless on Instagram

Tom Daley Shirtless on Instagram

  • JD

    Sorry, but he’s like some weird Middle Earth kind of man-boy. Just gives me the creeps. UUUGGGHHH!.

  • Len

    I’d marry him in an instant!

  • cutler

    still LOVE him! 🙂

  • Oh, hallo open mouth and working tongue! 🙂

  • Love this legs. I bet his ass is really hairy.

  • Love the hairy legs and the happy trail is a bonus!

  • eagander

    Still waiting for a full nude spread!

  • Ter

    His hairy legs are the only hot thing about this boy. And I think you are right Todd, that ass is probably really hairy

  • hairystud

    Totally agree re. the hairy ass. I’d love to see that. And he needs to let the chest hair grow in.

  • John

    Contrary to JD, anyone with abs like those, and without tattoos, is OK in my book. Plus which Daley has a very cute face, so why not enjoy the good looks that his photographers are willing to share with us?

  • PolarBeast

    Is he gay? He’s sure playing to our market if he’s not….

  • SZK

    I would totally savage him. And Chris Mears. Preferably together.

  • Phil

    PolarBeast-no Olympian can be ‘officially’ gay(though the IOC/USOC does seem to turn a ‘blind’ eye to certain male figure skaters)…In fact the USOC didn’t admit non-‘whites’ until it had to-Jim Thorpe, lost his medels not so much because he got so called ‘paid’ for one season of baseball; but because he(Thorpe)wrote in a letter to the USOC”…(sic)-I am just a poor[American]Indian, boy…” The IOC/USOC are culturely(as are most established religions)at least 100 years behind popular thought…All that being said; Tom certainally does seem to be ‘playing’ to his gay fan club(or at the very least his ‘handlers’ are)…And I thank God, he/they do…This boy is adorable!…I just wish the so called ‘powers that be’ would let him grow his chest fur(I’ve seen some pics that show evidence)at least in the ‘off season’…Not only does he have a great ‘treasure trail'(which the IOC/USOC also seems to object to[as does Hollywood/Broadway])but I have seen pre-Olympic pics of Tom which suggest he has at least a dusting of man fur(he is after all still just a boy)…Call me perverted whatever-as much as I like me a furry man; every so often I likes me well not ‘chicken’ but well a ‘tweener’ boy…

    OK yeah like I’m the only one of us who’s ever done that occasational 18-20something boy who’s said ”Yo daddy”(before all y’all feel so self-rightious)…

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