Catching Up with His Royal Hotness

Prince Harry

Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid” has always been the prince of my dreams since I was a young gay but this picture of Prince Harry in Lesotho via Dlisted with all his ginger glory might change that. Also what might change – his orientation thanks to plenty of shots and a blond wig. One can only hope…

  • Adminbear

    One can only fantasize the chest under that shirt after looking at the luscious fur on his exposed forearms.

  • Eric

    I don’t know what it is about this guy, but I am so attracted to him!! Basically I want him to fuck me! lol

  • Josh

    Clothed or unclothed, there’s something about this hot ginger fox that gives me the absolute raging horn.

  • DoverDavid

    Love his hairy red fur covered arms.

  • Paul

    I’d go down on him in a heartbeat

  • Clay

    For shirtless view, since some wondered about his chest hair.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    His Studness, Prince Andrew, the Royal Hottie, I’d lick his red pubes.

  • JD

    I’m looking at those sexy forearms and hands in the first two pics and then the creamy whatever in the palm of his hand in the third pic and then I’m left sitting here wondering how many times in a day does Prince Wonderful wrap his hand around his own scepter and jerk off a load of creamy, family jewel goodness into his OWN hand? Ya think he’s ever eaten his own jizz? The guy is so fucking hot…. that yes, I WOULD lick his tight ginger asshole!

  • Eric

    Damn JD, reading your comment made me pop an instant boner! I have to agree, he is so fucking hot. I am not attracted to gingers, but good god, this man is absolutely perfect! Truth be told, he actually seems like a kinky freak in the bedroom. So I bet he does eat his own… and if he doesn’t, I’d have no problem AT ALL eating it for him! hahaha

  • Phil

    HRH Harry really looks a lot like his dad(and I don’t mean HRH Prince Charles)The Royal family is NOT known for producing ‘gingers’…I dug out an almost ancient copy of a mag called (The Men of)Celebrity Sleuth-a mag then known for exposing celeb women; in issue 50063 # 97(ca. 1996-’97)…In an article titled “Di’s guys(which also featured a pic of a well-well endowed Charles)they featured pics of a certain Major James Hewitt…He was HRH Diana’s ‘riding’ instuctor…Alegedy HRH Diana had an affair with him…In the article a former lover said and I quote-“God gave him piercing blue eyes, wavy russet hair and an ‘ENORMOUS’ dick…(though after looking at the pics, I have to wonder-just what do the Brits consider ‘enormous’-lol)…Google James Hewitt, and see if you don’t agree(that HRH Harry)looks a lot like him…All that being said-HRH Harry could do ANYTHING he wanted to to me…

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Phil, His Royal Hotness takes after the Spencers and Harry looks a lot like Diana’s brother. But the only way to prove anything, it seems, is for him to take a DNA test, and I bet even then a lot of people will ignore it if it turns out Charles really is his dad. Don’t see that happening…or, to be honest, needing to happen. He’s a beautiful man who’s shown he has the heart of his mother, and that’s all I need to know.

  • Phil

    KMS-there is no doubt that HRH Diana, was one of the best things to happen to the Royals in many years…That both her sons took after her(and I don’t mean just looks) is a testament to that fact…HRH Harry is just the kind of dude I’d love to hang with, and share a few cold ones…His not really having the burden of being in direct line to the Throne(and now that HRH Kate is expecting even less so)-allows him in many ways to be much more-well normal(in as much as any ‘royal’ can be normal)…Plus he’s a ‘ginger’ my one ‘fetish'(aside from younger furry men)…

  • len

    I wouldn’t mind being the next “Queen” of England, provided that Harry is King!

  • Mik

    Needs to get his clothes off nothing tops the naked picture of him naked

  • dildonicus


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