Danny Dyer in Plebs

Danny Dyer Shirtless in Plebs

Some days, all you want is someone who skips the small talk, grab you by the hair and lay you on the table like some kind of livestock he won from the auction then the rest is obviously too polite to put on here. I personally believe Danny Dyer will do just that. These are from “Plebs” capped by Jair – a show that is probably dreamt up by a bunch of drunken college kids during the height of a toga party. This post contains YouTube-safe distant shot of males ass so be warned.

Danny Dyer Shirtless in Plebs

Danny Dyer Shirtless in Plebs

  • mmm, what a cute little woofy dude.

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    Give that man a bow tie and have him serve me dinner.

  • Rob-Bear

    You just know he’s pure filth in bed and you’d thank him for it afterward

  • Phil

    I’ve seen ”all” of Danny-and I’d so do him in ALL his ‘uncut’ glory!!!…

  • yes please. Always love in his modeling pics for magazines that shows a decent tease of his bush.

  • Joey

    YUM! Wish we could see him w out the towel!

  • David

    Now this is a real man!

  • Rob-Bear

    I watched this this afternoon and you see his arse very clearly, where are those pictures?

  • @Rob-Bear They’re in the NSFW section of the internet, of course.

  • TJ

    you fuckin bunch of faggots this is a homo site go suck your dads off you dirty bastards

  • Daniel

    @ TJ, if you are so homophobic than why are you even on this site. In my opinion, you need to accept your sexuality, you are probably gay and try to down us in order to protect your feelings, open up

  • andrew

    i wish directors let guys be naturally hairy in movies more often. i get a little upset when i see a guy who you know is hairy as fuck but is shaven for a movie

    -__-; lol

  • Kenny

    Hairy hunk this guys always been gorgeous you should see him in Devils Playground he wears this delicious shiny suit at one point and delicious shiny pants and you see his delicious bubble butt when the soldier dude picks him up and spins him around and the camera gets a closeup of his hot ass ive had a huge thing for this dude since years ago when I first laid eyes on him and immediately wanted to have sex with him. I hope hes gay friendly thatd make it even better.

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