Hairy Henry: The Beginning

Henry Cavill Shirtless in The Tudors

If there’s anything that will make up for a week’s absence, it’s Henry Cavill’s gloriously hairy chest from “The Tudors” capped here by Jair. Summer seems so far away to indulge in some Wolverine-style Superman and the weather certainly not helping, so the only thing to do is to creep under the sheets while being warmed by Henry’s fur coat. Pure bliss.

Henry Cavill Shirtless in The Tudors

Henry Cavill Shirtless in The Tudors

  • Beautiful, beautiful man.

  • Christopher

    Henry C. is the epitome of a truely gorgeous masculine man.
    unfortunately based on the laws of chance i don’t hold out much
    hope for “Man of Steel” being ranked as a top notch superhero
    film. one because its Warner Bros. 2nd try at rebooting the
    Superman franchise and two its directed by Zack Snyder
    whose visual/technical/artistic style worked with “300” but
    flopped with “Watchmen” and “Sucker Punch”.

  • cutler

    on a scale of 1/10, he’s a 100!! he’s absolutely perfect!

  • DoverDavid

    Hmmmmm hairy, warm and inviting.

  • Daknee

    OH YES!!!

  • Phil

    Fur, fur-glorious fur…

  • bcooper

    i wanna ride those fuzzy mounds and give him a pearl necklace

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  • David

    He’s kind of wooden and superman will likely flop again, I just look forward to his ally coming out. His LA year was a blast.

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