Happy Sean Patrick Davey Day

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

I hope you brought an extra pair of panties to work today (who doesn’t?), because the crotch dams across the globe are about to be blown to smithereens by a ginger bomb. This is some 2012 shit right here! While last Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day, today is the day we celebrate SEAN PATRICK DAVEY DAY. Yes, the finest livestock of all the Irish grasslands returns with photographer Marlen Boro. Also included are some of his earlier(?) pre-grazing shots which is leaner but equally delectable. Now let the ginger fire burn slow…

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

Sean Patrick Davey Shirtless

  • Mario

    That’s better, I’m in love

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    Holy wow-wow-wow! 🙂

  • Mario

    i love him i want to marry him

  • Eric

    I’m in love! And the bush in the 3rd picture? Holy shit, I just want to put my face in it! Love love love the bush on him!

  • babyboy

    When Irish eyes are smiling… And my mouth watering. Yum.

  • Boris

    This guy MUST do something about his compulsive waxing… He so much better when he leave his hair grow to their full glory, like in the last picture!!!

  • Chase

    Wish he wouldn’t shave so much! Love Marlen’s stuff, I’ve photographed with him myself.

  • Paul

    Perfect from head to toe!

  • Sammy


  • Mario

    looks like all potato, no meat; is that typical for irishmen?

  • Greg

    Pics 9, 10, & 11 please! I love me some Red!

  • Phil

    OMFFG!!!…I want this man!!!…That being said-Square-I’m not sure I like your new ‘format’ where unless I log on to FB I don’t get to comment…

  • Phil

    I loves me a man in chains-LOL…

  • scott

    i just wet myself and forgot how much fun water sports can be. thanks square,. especially the one with the urban cowboy feel. i don’t think i could handle seeing any lower down the crotch area on this fella. tummies are so erotic sometimes.

  • bcooper


  • JD

    I bet he’s a beast in bed…. whether he has a big, or little corned beef, wouldn’t matter to me! I just wanna fuckz that (and be fuckzed by that) all night long!

  • Tim


  • Alec

    He could bend me over any day!

  • Tim

    Who is this angel?!

    • Dave Molina

      sean patrick davey

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  • tommy5677

    Good God!!! Now if he’d just let the fur grow in and call me.

  • Rythme of Ska

    Hmm…him with Seth Fornea…now that would be something :D.

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