Ivan Sergei’s Body of Proof

Ivan Sergei Shirtless in Body of Proof

When most of actors his age are spending most of their day in the gym and trying to get rid of the last remaining follicle on their bodies, I think it’s safe to say that Ivan Sergei’s body in this week’s “Body of Proof” capped by Jair Hollywood proof – and that’s a compliment. This is the body we all want and need – end of!

Ivan Sergei Shirtless in Body of Proof

Ivan Sergei Shirtless in Body of Proof

Ivan Sergei Shirtless in Body of Proof

Ivan Sergei Shirtless in Body of Proof

Ivan Sergei Shirtless in Body of Proof

  • daz

    averagely fit and cuddy with fur!!! nice!!!

  • Bob

    Just as hot as he was in The Opposite of Sex, when I had a crush…..like 20 years ago!

  • michael

    i like the tasteful tat on the bicep. a nice average kinda guy. if thats what the network was going for, they did good

  • Amit

    I’ve been into him since he starred in the television version of Once a Thief.

    So hot.

  • Candi Rue

    Mother, May I Sleep With a Beefier Danger?

  • Mark

    @Bob One of the funniest gay movies in the 90’s!!I love Lisa Kudrow in that movie!

  • Boris

    Ivan should: 1. Get more acting contracts and 2. Have a stipulation in those contracts that he must be shirtless all the time, even if it is not relevant to the plot or the situation….

  • jaragon

    That is what a real man should look like

  • Mario

    rub that furry chest!

  • Warren

    Is that Jeri Ryan in the photos with him?

  • Boris

    Yes, she looks like 7 of 32D

  • hairystud

    Michael, I completely disagree re. the ‘tasteful tat’ on his right bicep. This should serve as a stark warning to all youngsters. DO NOT MAR YOUR BODY PERMANENTLY. It does not enhance your look, especially when you get older. Bodies have enough aberrations. Do not add to them with ink. Young models, you can always get a fake tattoo for a photo shoot. Do not mar your bodies with indelible ink. Especially one which looks so dated. That tattoo screams ’90s’!

  • delicious, loving the pit shot too

  • JD

    @hairystud – I think that’s what Michael was somewhat saying when he used the term “tasteful tattoo”, that Sergei knew when to stop. He didn’t mar and mutilate his skin over his entire body with a plethora of absurd shapes, signs, images and textual script.

    He just has the one tat , which I’m guessing he got a long time ago, when it was cool to just have a small tat or arm band tat. I think it adds to his masculinity and takes him one notch above what I would call the “average” straight married husband type.

    Always have thought this guy was hot, wish we could see more of him….literally, without clothes, and in movies. 😉

  • Stephen

    One of the hottest furry chests I have seen on TV in a while. Made me want to rub all of that fur!

  • Jasper

    I’ve drooled over Ivan since I first saw him in Jack & Jill. His big, dark puppy-dog eyes and his LUsciouS LipS cry out to be kissed. I’m sure they’re good at erything they do. His voice and dark furry chest & tummy cap it all off with whipped cream. The only place he has some lacking is little to no ass, but hey, no one is perfect, and I wouldn’t be looking at that with lips locked, staring into the huge dream-pool eyes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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