No Clothing Can Stop Beckham’s Manwhoring!

David Beckham's Tight Pants in China

Even with full clothing – like the true seasoned manwhore pro that he is, Beckham is letting his pair of firm buttocks suffocate in this pair of made-to-whore pants in China (via Buzzfeed) that will make J.Lo’s pair hug each other, deflate and weep. Yes, no clothing can stop David Beckham from being a true manwhore so I highly commend this effort. And to answer your questions, yes. Dat ass I shall tap.

  • Paul

    That is one sweet “booty”………..mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • DJ

    That ass….mmmmm the things i would to to it, be right back…

  • I just caught this in buzzfeed and then went here to inform Square. Square is much more alert than I am.

  • @bo_s Not always so keep it coming!

  • Mark

    He is a soccer player so there’s no surprise to see this.He’s not alone though,there are tons of other soccer players have big firm asses!Finally I’ve found the one and only interesting thing about soccer.It is the ass-firming sport!

  • cutler

    wow, that’s a sweet ass! with pants like those, he might as well be running around in a jock or just naked! i hope he lets his wife use toys on him because it’s a serious crime if that butt is not getting some love

  • Jim

    Must be jelly cuz jam don’t shake!

  • Brody

    how is it possible to wear pants like that and not split them??

  • Those are some fitted pants!

  • michael

    david is a god among mere mortals. in or out of clothing. anyone that says otherwise is simply jealous they cant to it. give the man his due. if i could get away with that, id be wearing little or nothing at all.

  • JD

    He wipes his ass, and puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us do. Nothing overly special about this guy. All I want to do is just fuck him like a whore one time and walk away. That works for me. And P.S. – I don’t give a rat’s asshole what the rest of you think about my post ,,,, unless you agree with it. Now go play with your Barbie dolls and have some tea.

  • Paul

    I want him to sit on my face and smother me with that ass

  • Bee

    Is it weird that these pics turn me on than almost every shirtless or underwear shoot he’s ever done?

  • Tom More

    Bee: No…not at all weird. Me too.

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