Oh Hai There, Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale

Look, I may be the last one who jumped on the Gareth Bale bandwagon but with all these Beckham and Daley manwhoring activities going around like clockwork, Gareth Bale is like a nice breath of fresh Welsh air. Gareth plays for Tottenham Hotspur (that’s for your Googling convenience) and he can be dapper as fuck as seen here, but to be honest I prefer the more primate-like features in some of these photos. AND THAT’S A COMPLIMENT, because somehow I’m always attracted to this brand of hotness – don’t ask. Paired with that sideway smile – they’re like kryptonite to my crotch. Shirtlessness featuring his 50p nipples after the jump.

Gareth Bale Shirtless

Gareth Bale Shirtless

Gareth Bale Shirtless

Gareth Bale Shirtless

  • Ter

    Oh god yes!! That is what mama needs!! He does things to my body D:

  • Those NIPPLES!!!!!

  • Bee

    Totally NOT hot, though that first pic of him is actually the first pic I’ve seen that makes me think hmmm, maybe there’s something there afterall, but then I scroll then and it’s back to, nah still does nothing for me. I’ll pass

    Though otoh, there are rumours he’s got a really big one, so that might be a redeeming factor lol

  • mt

    Way pale, but overall cute. Nice eyes.

  • Mark

    Those nips are over nurtured!It looks like they’ve been sucked,played and worshipped a lot!Beckham has a pretty face and great body but terrible nipples!Cristiano Ronaldo is perfect!I believe he’s also in the closet!

  • Boris

    Those EYES!

  • Mario


  • Tim

    Love the ears! Like handlebars for riding the bike.

  • I much prefer his coach, André Villas-Boas.

  • Raymond

    I’m a black person but I prefer pale, hyper-masculine guys like Gareth. He looks like a shirtless caveman I’m serious.

  • SootyTheBearra

    On that recommendation, I googled André Villas-Boas and my crotch unexpectedly exploded. It’s a real mess up in here, I can tell you.

  • Tom

    Bee. I agree. Pretty much a zero on the hot factor. And, he shaves his chest. Deal breaker 🙂

  • Bob

    Way hot! Just enough imperfections to make him intriguing. Would like to explore all of him to find any other interesting bits.

  • Mike

    Doesn’t do it for me. Although I wouldn’t turn him down, either.

  • SootyTheBearra

    Sorry for the mess 😉

  • SZK

    Wow, his piercing blue eyes are gorgeous! And he’s got a nice, tight body. 🙂

  • JD

    Maybe a bit too “primate” / “caveman” looking for me. Not that I wouldn’t fuck him in the ass in a quiet locker room or let him suck my cock and make him swallow me in a stadium men’s room….. but not what I would consider boyfriend material. Hit it and quit, yeah, no doubt there.

  • Rob-Bear

    Hot body and good looking, although he is often compared to a monkey in the British press. Didn’t realise he has such a great body and I love the side parting hairstyle, suits him

  • Phil

    What beautiful eyes…This man could do anything he wanted to due to me…

  • John C

    Oh yes! I first discovered Gareth Bale in 2007, but now he’s even more gorgeous than ever! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy…

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