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BooBoo Stewart Shirtless in Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

Why bother waiting to own “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” since you can get your paws on a better deal, “Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft” now? This the latest offering by David DeCoteau and half the budget probably goes into getting BooBoo Stewart’s top off. These caps are probably the only salvation and that’s only if you’re into smooth twink types who’s built like a shopping mall’s mannequin. BooBoo (not of the honey variety) knew that starring in a DeCoteau film will propel him further based on track record but the lack of homoerotic theme here won’t get him ANYWHERE. Kiss a Cory Monteith or something!

BooBoo Stewart Shirtless in Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

BooBoo Stewart Shirtless in Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

  • Clay

    Even with low budgets, DeCoteau used to do some interesting and fun work, with or without the raging homoeroticism. But he’s really fallen into a rut for the past 10 years. He can’t make a full-on gay-themed movie (with 1 or 2 exceptions), or a full-fledged horror movie, or a full-on soft core porn movie. It’s just the same endless shots of underwear models wandered around for 70 minutes, with no kind of pay-off.

  • Bearfat

    I find his lack of expression… disturbing

  • Christopher

    David D, used to make first rate homoerotic horror films that
    while no one had any illusions of them being Oscar material
    we enjoyed them nonetheless.

    a case in point- “Killer Bash” from 2005. this film introduced the
    world to Cory Montieth’s sexiness. plus its the last film David D.
    made that looks like an actual film and not a really low budget
    direct to dvd quickie. the first in David D,’s 1313 series “1313-
    Nightmare Mansion” looked like it had a budget of $1.99 and was
    conceived, shot an edited on a single lunch break. a big let
    down from “Killer Bash”.

    the only other recent David D. title after “Killer Bash” to be worth
    the purchase price is “House of Usher” his take on Poe’s short
    story. in fact its one of the very very few David D. films to feature
    any gay characters and male nudity.

  • Mario


  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    I’d use him for a toothpick if I didn’t also feel he needed to do his history homework.

  • eagander


  • SZK

    “Leeches!” was a nice little campy horror flick with hot guys (mmmm…Josh Henderson), but none of DeCoteau’s stuff since then has really held my interest.

  • John

    His real name is “Nils,” which would make sense if he had Scandinavian ancestry. However, he has almost everything BUT Scandinavian ancestry. (Scots, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.) So his parents have a little ‘splainin’ to do in the child naming department. But I have seen worse. Such as “Booboo.” That’s where they should be brought up on charges of child abuse.

    At he explains that his mother imposed the nickname Booboo on him when he was too young to defend himself. Sadly, he never ditched it.

    He’s handsome enough, but all other things being equal I’d rather admire a man with more serious muscles.

  • Me

    give me one night with this guy, and he won’t walk for three weeks! This was the only part of this movie worth watching.

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