Salesman of the Year is Back

Peter Calandra Shirtless in The Paris Flat

This is cheesy as hell and I was watching it with both eyes at the back of my head but the sequel to “Il Pallazzo” featuring the star of everyone’s dreams, Peter Calandra is in support of marriage equality (and also to sell some overpriced candles in the process) so I really can’t say anything bad about it. That and Peter’s ONSCREEN love interest looks like he can cut a bitch with a look so you really don’t want to mess with his man or his indestructible bouffant. Today’s word is – jealous!

  • len

    ANYBODY who hated this is a cold hearted b*****d!

  • michael

    i keep thinking, i should find him attractive, but he leaves me kinda flat.

  • Sammy

    I think he is so beyond sexy. WOW! More please!

  • MikeABQ

    Responding to michael, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If he leaves you kinda flat, then OK, that’s cool. Me? There’s not much I wouldn’t do to him or let him do to me! I find the boyfriend a bit too “pretty” but that’s just me. This is, however, one hell of a way to sell candles! And I look forward to that headline.

  • Adminbear

    This grabbed me so hard. I didn’t, like many I’m sure, have any idea what was going to happen until the end. Both of the men in it are very attractive. Possibly not the furriest in the crowd, but there are things in like past body hair.

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m sure I will play it and enjoy it many times to come.

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    Mr. Calandra is handsome as always but spends far too much of this film clothed. At least he’s not sucking his thumb. (Seriously, that was weird.)

    The boyfriend needs to be slapped. It’s 2013; who the hell wears their hair like they’re in the Thompson Twins? You, sir, are undeserving of Mr. Calandra. Please move aside, sir, while I step to the front of the line.

  • BabiBoi

    The Gentleman Adventurer – I agree total about the second guy… but *gets out shot gun* Mr. Calandra is mine…

  • dildonicus

    i don’t understand, what happened to his love interest in the prior video? did he ditch him for a twink?

  • slimjim

    Ok This is a little too heavy handed. and over the top. I’ve definitely seen better marriage equality spots than this. The Justin Bieber looking chick is a bit much for me but the grown man was hot (Though I suspect he may be very friendly with his razor… in the full body sense) And then there was a passport and a trip and a and a… overwrought much?

  • babyboy

    “HOT”….. “DADDY”….

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