Wake-up Call

Duncan James Shirtless

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lives in gyms across England and occasionally constantly takes photos of himself and post them on Instagram. Yes, I would hit this in a blink of a lamb’s eye but I’m afraid Duncan James is only interested in himself so the best bet is to get a Duncan James face mask, of which I’m sure is on sale somewhere. With all these One Directions and Justin Biebers in the industry – this is a welcome update. Also, if you feel like you can have a 5 course dinner simultaneously on his tongue, then you’re not alone.

Duncan James Shirtless

Duncan James Shirtless

  • Optilux

    Two words:
    To. Much.

    To much tatoos. To much shaving. To much in love with himself.

    I would pass.

  • eagander

    There’s nothing less attractive than a narcissistic man in love with himself! That’s why we have the option of jacking off. He scores a 0 in my book.

  • Chris

    @optilux. If you are going to limit yourself to two words, they should, at the very least, be used correctly.

    “to” is not the same as “too” which is not the same as “two”

    Any impact your comment may have had disappeared when you used “to” incorrectly so many times that it was obvious that you simply don’t know the difference,

  • Optilux

    My dear Chris, english is not my main language.

    I do know that “to”, “too” and “two” are not the same. I sometimes mix “to” and “too”.

    Anyway, I was not trying to have ANY impact. Just voicing my opinion.

    Have a good day sir.

  • JD

    What a douche. The only thing I’d do is fuck the holy hell out of him, dump my load in his worn out ass and then literally leave, leaving him wanting more. He’d could only be so lucky.

    @Chris – Any impact you had as a person was removed when all you could do was bash somebody about a totally trivial and insignificant error in spelling.
    Something tells me that you’re actually the douche in the gym taking his own self-pics every 3.3 seconds.

  • Smuggness is unattrative. And the tattoos are ugly, too!

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