Why Turkish Oil Wrestling Should Be the National Sport of Every Country

Turkish Oil Wrestling

With the exception of the actual athletes, my ass and sports don’t really mix well but one doesn’t have to understand what is going on in these pictures of Turkish oil wrestling via Buzzfeed. The most important thing they are furry, lubed and a lot of oily man hands getting into unholy crevices for victory. Is this the type of sports they play in heaven? Although I prefer to watch this in the comfort of my boudoir instead – Turkish oil wrestling should be the national sport of EVERY FUCKING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Thank you, Turkey for having such an awesome sport.

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Turkish Oil Wrestling

  • Nico

    Wow, that’s hot!

  • Mark

    Turkish and middle eastern men are muslims,so they are obligated to shave their pits and pubes but not their chest hair.Don’t ask why it’s an Islamic thing.The bad news is Turkey is a muslim country and in recent years it’s becoming more and more conservative than ever!Oil wrestling days are numbered!It’s only a matter of time before their goverment bans it for good!

  • Critifur

    Seriously, why don’t you have images that enlarge? It makes me crazy that we have to view these small pictures all the time, and then I go on a search for larger versions elsewhere.

    Thanks for pointing these pics out though. Really beautiful.


  • Josh


    All these sweaty men… *fans self*

  • Cookie

    Actually, its the national sport of Turkey. The central tournement has been on for 600+ years. It used to be in the nude, the leather pants were a concession to Isalmic law and modesty.

  • KarmaLysing

    If this was on ESPN(s), I would actually use those twelve channels on my cable line-up…

  • Tim

    Interesting that the only spectators were men.
    I’m drafting a letter now to the Olympic committee suggesting that this sport be added to Olympic Summer games. Who’s with me?

  • John

    Never heard that about Muslim men shaving their pits, but it does appear that at least some of these guys have shaved there. Weird.

  • Mark

    @John I was born as a Muslim so of course I know!It’s part of their”sunnah”and all that.Clearly not all Muslim men follow this rule but most do especially the religious ones.

  • Okcspooge

    Thank you for the insight, Mark. Interesting. I knew it was traditional for Muslims to circumcise male babies, but I didn’t know about the selective shaving, which they should not do, obviously. :). This sport is awesome.

  • michael

    im sorry, but this is the MOST homo-erotic thing i think ive ever seen. you cant tell me these guys are str8t. or at least they’re not out of the closet. no str8t man is going to get all oiled up and stick his hands down another mans pants, i dont care how str8t they claim to be. but, this whole thing is wonderful. ill have to try to find something on u-tube

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    It would be cool if the audience was naked and jerking off while watching. Talk about Turkish Delight.

  • Ty

    I need a cold shower now, thank you!

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  • James

    Holy Hot Damn!! They can put their hands down my pants any day!

  • b2b

    let’s engage in some other sports after this

  • NS

    I’m from Turkey and of course i know this sport. I watched live several years ago. Homophobia is widespread in Turkey(very badly) so i don’t think they are gay. (maybe secret gay) In our culture; str8 man doesn’t shame to another man. Like; I have a cock, you have a cock too so what’s the problem. And you can search this sport like that “yağlı güreş”, I think you can find more pictures or videos. 🙂

  • @NS Thank you for the details! I guess this is like the ultimate test of masculinity which is in addition to the visual feast – is VERY sexy indeed!

  • Dane Arreola

    Thank you GOD for Turkey 🙂

  • Phil

    OK I don’t know much about Muslim culture-but what I do know leaves me confused-very confused(by this ‘sport’ I mean)…For that matter the love of both ‘Pro’ wrestling, and so called Greco-Roman wrestling, in US culture leaves me very confused also-I’m just sayin…I don’t know how many of you watched the last summer Olympics-but one of the winners of the wrestling events(Team USA)had an obvious erection when he won…

  • dannyc

    @Phil The erection is a result of simple stimulation. Sexuality hasn’t nothing to do with it. In an aggressive sport with lots of body contact (like wrestling), all that fumbling about and rubbing of bodies makes a guy’s body respond. It’s not about being horny; he’s literally being rubbed the right way.

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