49 Going on 50

Ian Ziering Shirtless

Yes, that is Steve Sanders maturing nicely at 49. Even better, he will Magic Mike his ass entertaining middle age ladies in Las Vegas in June (via US Weekly). Ian Ziering has arrived. I was too busy salivating over Dylan (he was my everything) back in “90210” to cram this prime piece of manbeef into my already crowded libido but it’s always better late than never! Also it’s so good to know that the demand for mature beef is going mainstream. Chest hair doesn’t cope well with Chippendale’s baby oil mix so I think we should cut him some slack.

  • Cookie

    There is just something so shallow about this womanizer. Granted, his body is good, but his history of womanizing negates a great deal.

  • Joey

    He looks so hot and good!

  • Mario

    eh….so so

  • Boris


  • Mark

    He was on Dancing With The Stars a few years ago and I have to say his pecs going south fast!But overall at his age,he looks great!

  • Redboy70

    I think he looks better now than he did when he was young. Maybe it was the bad 90’s fro and all those vests he wore on 90210. Re: alleged womanizing– are we here to judge personality or looks?

  • Brody

    I agree that he looks better now than in his 90210 days.
    Hot damn.

  • Wow, he looks great for 49!!

  • leccy

    Oh my lord! I am not familiar with this guy so I can’t respond to reputation but on looks,
    well, time to change my underwear:-p

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Nice tits.

  • JD

    He was extremely hot back in his mid 30’s. He is starting to look old though. That first pic is not very flattering, I have to say.

    Would I do him? Oh yeah, I’d bend him over the locker room bench and show him what womanizing is ALL about! (and he’d love/hate it until I was done with him)

  • eagander

    I always thought he was better looking than the other 90210 boys but sadly got so little of the spotlight.

  • Christopher

    i have to admit in the 1st pic he looks damn hot for 49.
    but eventhough he does have the bod for a Chippendales
    dance revue isn’t it admitting you’re a has been as an actor
    if this is the only job you can get?

  • len

    totally GORGEOUS!!!

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  • Joe

    I met him at a show he was at in Pittsburgh a few months ago and he couldn’t have been nicer. I brought a printed 8×10 that was a close-up of his ass from a movie he did years ago. He laughed, autographed it, and proceeded to tell us a story about how awkward it was to film that because it was a scene with Kelly Hu, and he said he didn’t have anything covering him on the front so by about the 5th take he started getting an erection. He said he kept having to apologize to her for getting a boner, lol.

  • rodthehorny

    the hell yes i am a whore and i love his body. why not LoL

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